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Choosing The Most Effective Commercial LED Parking Lot Lights

When attempting to enhance the safety of your employees, customers, and neighbour’s, the parking lot is one of the first areas to be considered. Your parking lot contributes significantly to both the initial and enduring impressions the public has of your property. A parking lot with low lighting and potholes sends the wrong impression. As you can guess, a badly illuminated parking lot is also what insurance professionals refer to as “a claim waiting to happen” – and that claim may be a liability suit against you and your business!

Complemented by smart commercial and outdoor fixtures, LED Light Expert offers a vast selection of LED parking lot and shoebox lighting solutions, light poles, and LED retrofit kits to help you transform your parking lot into one of your property’s or company’s most valuable assets and to help you stand out in the neighbourhood.


Answers To Your Parking Lot-Specific Led Lighting Questions

One of the nicest aspects of purchasing from LED Light Expert is working with individuals who have the specific expertise necessary to do the task successfully. We are particularly knowledgeable with LED parking lot fixtures, which are rapidly becoming standard equipment because to their energy efficiency.

We anticipate that you will have queries regarding:

  • The cost to replace my parking lot lights?
  • Should I replace the lights in my parking lot with LEDs?
  • What size of lighting do I require for my parking lot?
  • How should I position and aim my parking lot lights?
  • How many lights will my parking lot require?

We will do everything possible to provide answers and goods tailored to your needs and facilities.

To get you started, we’d like to provide you with our concise LED Parking Lot Lighting Buying Guide, which contains several applicable tips and recommendations.


Security LED Lighting For Parking Lot Fixtures

Available with one, two, or three heads, our assortment of security lights offers a variety of alternatives for illuminating a large area. Each of these types is dimmable and features many heads for directing light as desired. These units are quite powerful, as they are bright, durable, and dependable.

Here are some of our inventory’s most popular Security LED Lights:

  • Dimmable LED Security Light with 1 Head, 28 Watt, Bronze or White Finish
  • Two-Head Dimmable LED Security Light, 20 Watt, Bronze or White
  • Dimmable 3-Head LED Security Light, 30 Watt, Bronze or White


Pro Choosing “Light Uniformity” Is Recommended

Parking lot lighting is all about light distribution, and there is a metric for that: light uniformity. As you might expect, uniformity refers to a light fixture’s capacity to illuminate an area with the same degree of brightness over its whole range. This is a key measure for situations such as parking lots that require strong visibility. For the majority of parking lots, a 3:1 uniformity ratio is optimal. Our specialists can assist you in ensuring that your selections have the uniform grade you want.


Exterior Parking Lot Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights are an important best LED parking lot lights fixture that will play a function in your entire lighting strategy. After all, you don’t want to have a nicely lit parking lot, only for the lighting to deteriorate as visitors approach your business! For this reason, external wall lighting is utilized in parking garages and building perimeter applications. They also contribute to the visibility of authorized routes and entrances, ensuring the safety of structures, landscaping, and visitors. Wall pack lights are often constructed from die-cast aluminum to endure even the worst weather conditions.


Efficiency And Durability Are Crucial

Better functionality and durability are often accompanied by a somewhat higher price tag when purchasing outdoor lighting. We’re always inclined to hunt for the cheapest goods and make purchases, but with parking lot illumination, you’ll likely be making that buy again soon. Consider both the longevity and energy efficiency of the lighting you select to be cost-effective. Investing in high-quality, commercial-grade parking lot lighting will yield long-term benefits for your staff and organization.

The good news is that even with the greatest equipment, there are several ways to save money. Light pole “bullhorns” are a clever technique to do this.


Bullhorns On Parking Lot Light Poles

Light Pole Bullhorns resemble its moniker, and their horns function as extenders, allowing parking lot pole illumination to reach a considerably greater distance from a single source. We give possibilities for more than two points, unlike the horns on genuine bulls. Three or four fixture options will allow you to illuminate the whole space.

Examine this collection of our bullhorns with extendable reaches:

  • Double Light Fixture Pole Bullhorns
  • Bronze Finish Three-Light Bullhorn Pole Fixture
  • Four-Light Bullhorn Pole Finish in Bronze


Pro Consider The Mounting Plates And Tenons

Pay close attention to the fixture mounts and tenons to choose the best alternative for your light poles. LED Light Expert carries parking lot light pole bullhorns in the majority of conventional designs, such as “Y” and “X.” The quantity of light you require and the direction in which the light will fall should assist you in narrowing down your options.


Upgrades To LED Parking Lot Lights

Even though many buildings and parking lots were constructed before LEDs became the norm, it is still possible to convert them to LED parking lot lights. Retrofitting, often known as “relighting,” enables businesses to swiftly upgrade to our LED parking lot light retrofits for brighter, longer-lasting illumination.


Pro Our Retrofit Kits Are Not Just For Parking Lots, As A Hint

Using one of our LED parking lot light retrofit kits in your company’s parking lot will undoubtedly be beneficial. However, always keep in mind that LEDs have additional advantages. LEDs are also excellent for illuminating driveways, roadways, paths, and service roads.


LED Light Expert Offers The Best LED Parking Lot Lights & Accessories

Whether your business needs an LED retrofit, updated parking lot lighting, or a particular replacement parking lot light pole, our objective at LED Light Expert is to provide you with whatever you want. We’re here to assist you to locate parking lot lighting options that increase the value of your property and keep everyone safe. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for above, please peruse our LED flood lights, commercial light poles, street light fixtures, and light pole combo packages. If you do not see what you require, please contact one of our staff and we will gladly assist you in locating it. The lights are on and we are prepared to assist you!