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Do I Need a Custom CRM for My Business?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes require a customer relationship management system, as it’s a powerful tool for analysing customer data and strategising to full effect. However, having an off-the-shelf CRM in place is one thing and knowing when to invest in a custom CRM is another matter entirely, so here are a few factors to consider when deciding whether your current system is up to the task.

Look After Numerous Accounts

If your business has large numbers of client accounts, a custom CRM will help your sales, marketing and customer service teams to respond to their needs quickly and effectively. Long-term accounts can be particularly hard to manage without a bespoke CRM, as the lifecycle of the customer will bring with it multiple changes in terms of what they need and how you satisfy their unique requirements.


Stay in Control of Lead Flow

Whilst generating new leads is great, it doesn’t amount to anything if your sales and marketing teams lack the ability to follow up in an appropriate way. Custom CRMs are developed around the precise processes and stages required to transform casual interest into loyal custom.


Access Reports Very Quickly

Reporting is at the core of lead generation, customer acquisition, user experience, online engagement, budgeting and forecasting. There will be multiple metrics that your business needs to gather, analyse and convert into actions on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis, which will prove an extremely laborious and time-consuming undertaking without a custom CRM that streamlines the process and maximises accessibility.


Locate Customer Data with Ease

Custom CRMs automatically gather data from numerous sources, such as your company website, landing pages, emails, PPC ads, phone calls, social media, live chat and other communication channels. Without a bespoke CRM in place that makes this invaluable data easy to locate, download and analyse, your employees will waste crucial time and potentially allow hot leads to grow cold.


Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Do you truly know what your sales team is doing? They may look busy and be dedicated to getting results, but if your CRM is lacking capacity and functionality there’s only so much your salespeople can achieve. With a custom CRM that’s built to facilitate fast, smooth and precise processes, your sales team will feel empowered and can also be held accountable for performance.


Delight Your Customers

Thanks to all of the above benefits, bespoke CRMs also improve customer experience in a variety of ways. When your sales, marketing and customer service teams are given the right tools, they can communicate with clients and respond to their needs faster and on a more personalised level than ever before.


Remove Growth Plan Insecurities

As an added bonus, a custom CRM removes barriers, constraints and insecurities that can greatly prevent a growth plan from reaching fruition. Through precise data management, unobstructed collaboration and communication, accessible reports and maximum employee confidence, your business is given the freedom to grow in line with its ambitious targets.


Custom CRMs for Businesses

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