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Essential Bathroom Items Needed in a Post Pandemic World

 The Pandemic 2020 Covid-19 has elated hygiene as a salient feature to focus on while planning your washroom in the post-pandemic era. To incorporate hygiene into the core of our lifestyles, we need to begin with our homes. And when we talk about home, our washroom plays a crucial role in maintaining the sanitisation standards of our surroundings. The addition of some modern bathroom accessories like Hand wash dispensers, soap dispensers and more can elevate the hygiene factor of your washroom.

Listing below some Essential Bathroom Items to Upgrade the Hygiene Graphs of your Washroom:


1.   Hand Dryer

Hand Dryer

Hand Dryer is an innovative product that aids in maintaining washroom hygiene. Transmission of germs happens when our hands come in contact with an external surface. Then, using the same unclean and unsensitized hands by touching our face.

Most of the disease control authorities suggest washing with soap and water in an exhaustive, step-wise way. While this method is the first requisite to combat disease-causing bacteria and viruses, it is incomplete. The next step that is equally crucial in tackling these lethal viruses is to dry your hands.

The spreading of bacteria is more likely to take place from wet skin than from dry skin. Damp hands are capable of transmitting more germs than dry hands. Therefore, the proper drying of hands after washing should be an integral part of the hand hygiene process in health care, and that’s how the hand dryers come into the picture.


2.    Automatic Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispenser

Soap dispenser or Hand wash dispenser is an essential accessory to incorporate to create an integrally hygienic washroom. An automatic soap dispenser levels up the sanitization standards of the washroom. An automatic Soap Dispenser uses infrared sensing technology to detect the presence of any human and only disposes of the required quantity of soap. The Hand wash dispenser elates the functionality of the washroom by:

  • Reducing the water wastage
  • Increases the cleanliness factor
  • Decrease the soap wastage by disposing of the required quantity

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3.   Sensor Taps

Sensor Taps

A sensor tap or an automatic tap is a requisite addition in the up-gradation of the hygiene standards of your washroom. An automatic tap contributes in three dimensions, maintaining sanitisation, water-conserving and being a low maintenance accessory.

In the light of designing a sterilised surrounding of your washroom, sensor taps play a crucial role.

The regular taps’ handles have to be touched by your hands while operating. Your hands are unsanitized while doing this, which means that you come into contact with the same germs immediately after washing them off. The recurrent contact of dirty hands with the tap leaves them prone to the buildup of germs and bacteria. These germs stay on the handle, and more germs are added with every use and touch.

Whereas, Sensor tap eliminates this whole scenario by just being touchless. Automatic taps have infrared sensors to sense human presence and flow water for the set time and stop automatically.


4.   Sanitary Napkin Disposal

Sanitary Napkin Disposal

Menstrual hygiene is one of the fundamental steps towards transforming your washroom space into a hygienic washroom space for women. A sanitary napkin disposal machine helps in instantly disposing of sanitary napkins. It is a safe & clean accessory to dispose of Sanitary napkins by the technology of incineration.

Used sanitary napkins contain disease-causing bacteria, so sanitary napkin disposal machines transform them into a material. The material restricts any filthy odour and transmission of airborne bacterial diseases.


5.    Urinal Flush Sensor

Urinal Flush Sensor

A urinal flush sensor is a crucial inclusion in the washroom. It is an automated accessory that eliminates the chances of germ contamination in the washroom. The surfaces of urinal handles are concentrated with germs, bacteria and dangerous viruses that can transmit from user to user if they are not sanitized regularly. The urinal flush sensor is the solution to this problem. Moreover, it is accessible, has a prolonged life and contributes to water conservation.

A urinal flush sensor machine is a must-have washroom accessory. It enhances the user experience by its functionality and the hygiene standards of your washroom.



These are some minor inclusions leading to scaling up the hygiene level of your washroom. Inculcating these avant-garde changes into your washroom helps you redefine the sterilization and sanitization of your surroundings.