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Flowers Bloom on the Stems of Trust

Flowers are an epitome of trust and promise. It has always been the quintessence of the real essence of emotions. Nature puts all its trust on the tiny sapling, the florists puts all his faith on the seeds sown on the land and on his hard work, it ignites the hope and affirms the promise within them that the plant will grow and produce beautiful flowers. Something made out of so much love, care and trust would definitely possess the capacity to bloom the trust between people. That’s why for any important occasion flowers are used such as in the marriage garland is exchanged between the bride and the groom to seal the bond with promise to forever be together.

When we go to express our love to someone, when we go to express our repentance, we always take flowers with us. We put all our feelings and belief on flowers that it would give voice to our emotions and convey our message to the recipient. Different flowers grow in different seasons and each season puts all of its essence and faith on the flowers to spread its vibrant colourful petals.

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Types of Flowers Grows in Different Season

Nature has its own glory and charm. With each season it changes, it spreads a different sheet of flower. Every season has its own essence and have specific flowers grow in them imbibing the same in those flowers. That’s why the flowers when blooms in a specific season gives us the taste of it. The rich petals and the ethereal beauty affect our life in various ways and one of the ways is it helps to nurture the bonds we share with our near and dear ones with its sprinkle of trust. Let’s know some popular blooms of each season.


Spring Flowering Plants-

Daffodil- Daffodils are bright yellow, white or pink coloured flowers which give a cherry spring vibe. They start blooming from late February. Daffodils are happy flowers and symbolises good fortune.

Tulip- Tulips are one of the most famous spring blooms. They come in a large number of bright colours. They are a perfectly symmetrical flower and an array of tulips in the field is a sight to see. Tulips symbolizes perfect love. Get the best tulip flower arrangements in Floraindia to send your loved ones.

Lily of the Valley- Lily of the valley are the bell-shaped white flowers that are really soothing to the eyes. They have a very nice fragrance that will fill the atmosphere and give a very springtime vibe. This flower has been the all-time choice of the royal brides.

Iris- Iris is a beautiful spring flower. They usually bloom from spring to early summer. Iris comes in a variety of colours ranging from blue, white, yellow, pink, red, brown etc.

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Summer Flowering Plants-

Lilies- Lilies are one of the most famous summer blooms. This stunning beauty has the capacity to grow without much nurturing of human beings. They become dormant in the winter. Due to its large petals and vibrant colours, it is very good in attracting pollinators.

Sunflower- The huge vibrant yellow flowers are at its peak of blooming in the mid of Summer. On an average, the size of a sunflower goes up to 5 to 10 feet. But it may also vary in its size depending upon its variety. Sunflowers are very useful, apart from being a beautiful flower it gives edible oil and seeds.

Dahlia- Dahlias are another low maintenance summer flower. They start blooming from the end of June. It is a very beautiful symmetrical flower that comes in various radiant colours and sizes. One interesting fact about dahlia is, it was Queen Victoria’s favourite.

Marigold- Marigolds are very easily found in India and are also termed as the auspicious flower to be used in the rituals. It starts blooming from the early summer. They come in vibrant yellow, orange, reddish orange colours. They are also used to repeal the insects and pests from the garden plants.


Fall Flowering Plants-

Pansy- It blooms from fall to winter. Some of them also bloom in the spring. Pansies are colourful little flowers which grow on an average of 8-10 inches tall. They die when the temperature is extremely hot. Pansies are fragrant flowers.

Michaelmas Daisy- They are also known as asters is a small flowing plant. Asters are daisy like flowers and they start blooming from the end of summer. They belong to the sunflower family.

Dianthus- Dianthus gives the perfect fall vibes with its fragrance. They are small and typically found in pink colour but dianthus is also found in white, yellow, purple, orange and red. Dianthus comes from the carnation family.

Black-Eyed Susan- It is a bright golden-yellow daisy shaped flower and belongs to the sunflower family. They are short lived flowers but are very attractive to the bees and insects. They flower in late summer to easily autumn.


Winter Flowering Plants-

Camellia- This stunning pink, red or white flowers blooms in the late winter. The cherry colour of camellia perfectly blends with the winter background. Camellias are small shrubs and the size of the flower ranges from 1 to 13 cm approximately.

Winter Jasmine- Winter jasmines are small yellow colour flowers with waxy petals. The size of the flower can be about an inch. It is a great embellishment to add colours to your garden in the winters.

Crocus- Crocus are vibrant cup-shaped flowers that bloom in late winters. It comes in many colours such as orange, yellow, blue, lavender, purple, white. These gorgeous flowers bloom in a large number and are a sight to see.

English Primrose- They come in various colours such as blue, yellow, pink, white, red. These are small flowers which start blooming in winters and are a great addition to your garden to have clusters of vibrant colours.


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