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Home Décor Flowers For Wedding Anniversary

Home Décor Flowers For Wedding Anniversary

Knowing your anniversary symbol is not enough when you want to have a grand celebration on your anniversary. For example, if you are celebrating a 25-year-old marriage, silver is a known symbol. The 50th wedding anniversary symbol is gold for the golden 50th year in marriage. Back in the day, couples used to organize special parties to celebrate wedding anniversaries.

Being a very important day to remember when you decided to formalize your union in holy matrimony, you should grandly celebrate your anniversary. If you plan to mark your wedding anniversary at home, then decorating your house is a good idea. You can also look for a hall venue to celebrate this important event if you want to make it grand.

If you decide to mark your wedding anniversary at home at a venue, decorating the space is a great idea. This post gives you great home anniversary flowers for you to try out. If you’ve run out of home decoration ideas, read on for inspiration.


Lily Flowers

When decorating your space, it is ideal to start with windows and doors. These two areas are usually noticeable and are centers of attention. The best bunch of flowers to decorate your door with are lilies. Lilies make great front door decorations because of their strong scent/fragrance. The fragrance that comes from lily anniversary flowers also lasts for a long time. You can hang the beautiful lily flowers as a simple wreath, or you can put them in a pot or container and place them in the windows. The best thing about lily anniversary flowers is that they come in various colours for you to pick from.

Lilies are best known to be proper flowers to celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary. If you are blessed with kids and are about to celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary, you can ask them to decorate your home with lilies. Making your house look beautiful and attractive is important, especially if you expect guests to come over.


Rose Flower

The rose flower is quite elegant, which is why many couples use it to send romantic sentiments. Besides sending lovely roses to your spouse or partner, you can also use them to decorate your home. If you want to make your living room look stunning and beautiful, then roses will do the trick. You can also find roses in several colours, including orange, badge, white, red, and yellow.

Most of the time, roses are best used as centrepieces because they look vibrant in a table setting. Decorating your table with roses makes the table look appealing. If you are about to celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary, then roses anniversary flowers are flowers for this event. Roses are officially known for their 15th anniversary.


Carnation Flowers

The first wedding anniversary is best celebrated by decorating the house with carnation flowers because they are official flowers for the 1st wedding anniversary. The different colour hues that carnations come in make them great flower decorations for a wedding anniversary and other celebrations you intend to have. Crinkly, cheerful carnation blossoms (Dianthus) are among the hardier of ornamental flowering plants. Like roses, carnations are also great centrepiece happy anniversary flowers. Mixing various hues to create a centrepiece is a great idea.

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You don’t need to go to a fancy 5-star hotel to mark your wedding anniversary. You can celebrate it at home with your spouse or partner, or wife and make the anniversary celebration grand by including anniversary flowers in your space. These floral arrangements will also make ideal décor if you want to make your wedding anniversary celebration grand.