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Great Variety of Home Paints for Your House

Great Variety of Home Paints for Your House

Painting your home is much more than putting some colors on the walls. The way technology and innovations has completely transformed our lives, you can surely choose some best qualities available in paints to bring a desired touch and finish to your home’s interior and exterior walls. We understand that you want your home to look distinctly ahead of others and you really put your best effort and money into it. It’s good to focus on some best color combinations and paint tools for your home but you often neglect some other crucial aspects while making a selection of paint for your home painting task. The paint industry has made several advancements in the recent times to offer you some unique qualities and colors in paint so that you can come up with your best creativity and imagination. This article will help you to know some different varieties in paint color so that you can choose an apt one for your upcoming home painting task.

Distemper Paints

These are the most commonly used paints due to cost effectiveness and the shine that it brings on your walls within that range. In the 1980s and the period before that, distemper was almost a synonym for paint. Distemper paints have a long history in renovating homes and offering them perfect shine with its unique quality. It has evolved with time and is now available in various types to suit your requirements. Generally, you have two major choices in choosing any distemper for your home, one is the water-based distemper, and the other is oil-based distempers. You can also use spray paint tools using distemper. Usually dry distempers are considered ideal for rental properties and homes while the oil-based distempers are good for industries. However, very few prefer such types of paints now as there are many other types in paints which are available to add to your fantasy.

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Emulsion Paints

Emulsion paints are the most preferred paints these days because of the luster that they offer to your interior walls. As these paints are generally water-based, so it does not emit any odor or sharp smell after painting. Moreover, as these paints consists acrylic or vinyl, it’s durability is also enhanced and you get a long-lasting sheen when you choose to paint your home using emulsion paints with some high quality paint tools.

Apart from this, you can easily wash any stain or spills up to some extent with just a wet cloth and make your walls look smooth and shiny. Emulsion paints are easily available all around in different finishes like satin, silk, eggshell, and matte. So, if you are planning to paint your home with some best colors using superior quality paint, emulsion paints will prove to be the best option for it.



Luster paints are generally solvent-based paints and thus offer unmatched gleam and shine on your interior walls. Solvent-based paints are also known for durability and offer long-lasting sheen to your walls. The only thing that you have to manage while choosing to paint your home with any luster paint is its odor. However, it takes maximum 4 to 5 days to completely dry the paint and it becomes alright within a week. You can find some fragrant solvents in market to add in your paint to remove or lessen its odor but if you simply don’t want to get into this mess, just leave it as it is and within few days, only sheen and shine will be left on your walls. You can opt for spray paint tools and water-based luster paints as well which have no odor and are just as efficient as solvent-based paints.


Enamel Paints

These paints are best suitable for your exterior walls because of theexcellent chemical composition of which they are made of. Enamel paints offer robust, glossy, and opaque finish when used with quality paint tools on your walls. These paints are highly durable andare also heat and temperature resistant as well. People often prefer such paints to paint several metallic surfaces but that depends on your geographical location. If your home is exposed to excessive heat and temperature throughout the day, emulsion and distemper paints will fade away too often but enamel paints are efficient enough to offer much durability and shine even in toughest climatic conditions.


Cement Paints

These paints are also water-based and can be easily applied to either side of your home; interior or exterior both. Generally, these paints are used for exterior walls only as they cover brick work and concrete surfaces in the best possible way. Cement paint contains binders which contract and expand with the concrete surface to offer maximum protection to your walls. If you are looking for a paint that offers robust protection to your outer walls along with unmatched durability, cement paints will offer much value to the money you spend on it.

Choosing any of the above-mentioned paints qualities will prove to be worth depending on your requirement and location of your home. Towertools is a one-stop platform from where you can get best quality paints and paint tools.