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How Do I Learn About Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is no doubt one of the hottest topics to talk about today. Many people have various opinions about it. Some feel crypto is a great option to invest in, while others are still scared and think that they are not aptly educated to invest in it. Many people are of the opinion that crypto is only used on the dark web and for illegal activities. If you are reading this, you must be confused too about it. Struggling between the various positive and negative opinions, it is hard for one to invest in crypto. But don’t worry, there are multiple options through which you can educate yourself and have complete knowledge about it. Today we are going to discuss few ways through which you can learn about the various kinds of cryptocurrencies, their working, and different cryptocurrency markets.

1. YouTube

Oh, now that was obvious. What is not available on YouTube? If you want to learn something, it is just a few clicks away. There are tons of videos on YouTube which can help you to understand the working of cryptocurrencies and how you can start investing in crypto as a beginner. But there are majorly two problems with that. Firstly, you don’t get systematic knowledge about it. Everything is in a hay way manner. Secondly, you will end up wasting a lot more time. You will be switching between videos to find which one is better. It will lead to repetition, and also, you might miss some important facts. No doubt it is a great platform to learn for free, but still, there are some cons associated with it.

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2. Read Books on Cryptocurrency

Books are a great source of learning. They are descriptive and can help you have in-depth knowledge about cryptocurrency. There are a lot of good books available online about cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency markets, etc. You can also choose the books based on your experience. Some books are great for beginners, while some are a bit complicated and are for advanced learners with prior knowledge. So browse books and pick one which suits you. Go through reviews before selecting one book.

The only problem with books is they can be boring sometimes. You might interpret some jargon differently and might end up learning the wrong things.


3. Online Courses

Now, this is, without any second thought, the best option to learn about cryptos in a systematic manner. It outshines both the options we have talked about when it comes to educating oneself about cryptocurrency. There could be nothing better than learning it from professionals. They can guide you the right way. Online courses are systematic and also saves you a lot of time.

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