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How Lot is Helping Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The trending topic in the Autotech field is electric vehicles. It is also a fragment of the tech world. There may be few drawbacks alike as range anxiety, availability of infrastructure. And it requires frequent recharging. All of us are aware of the increasing population that is limiting fossil fuels. Hence there is high demand for fossil fuels with extensive prices.

When it comes to the electric automobile all, it requires is a charging station. It requires a plug for the transmission of electrical energy to the battery. Using wireless charging focuses on less human interaction and reduces the risk of electric shock. The wireless charging technology has advantages as it increases the travelling range and reduces the battery size. Such economic and environmental benefits will increase the adoption rates of EV.


What is IoT in the EV Industry?

EVs require charging stations which is equivalent to the existing gas stations. The charging takes some time when compared to the refuelling of gasoline vehicles. Evolve to the latest technology.Internet of Things (IoT) technology is preowned for making a user-friendly interface for both charging and parking systems. One can store the information on the cloud. IoT is the finest platform for monitoring the status of the WPT system. WPT System provides us with wider connectivity, greater flexibility, information processing, and modified sensing. To attain monitored synchronized parking along with charging IoT helps the best. Another factor of using IoT is can store the data on the cloud that can be accessed anytime from anywhere, which makes it easy adaptability.

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A Smart Way to Park Your Vehicle

Smart parking is possible with the IoT module. This IoT model is used to monitor and provide data related to the availability of parking areas. IoT is linked with mobile applications where user can book their parking space. For a controlled parking system we use sensors like infrared, passive infrared, or ultrasonic sensors. Raspberry pi is used as a processing unit to communicate between cloud and sensor. The mobile application uses javascript to connect the system and user. The cloud server is used to store all data, and this system gives real-time data regarding the availability of parking areas. IoT plays a vital role in the development of cities and issues like traffic jams, road safety, and limited car parking space.


Functions and Roles of IoT Platform

IoT platform uses advanced cloud solutions which allow the collecting of information and analysis in real-time. Figures of Voltage, electric current, the temperature will be provided to support service workers for station maintenance. It also connects the EV stations nearby, enabling drivers, local service companies, and station owners to cooperate more effectively.

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Inshorts About Parking Technology

Communication takes place between various entities. The primary ones are:

  • Sensors: it uses a voltage up to 0.5-0.25v that helps to detect objects. Its primary activity is to determine whether a parking space is vacant or not. If it detects the object, it sends the data to the microcontroller IoT device using wireless communication.
  • Processing kit: it is nothing but the microcontroller is considered a vital part of the system. It acts as a base between sensors and the cloud. It collects sensor data using wireless communication and transmits it to the cloud.
  • Cloud: the cloud will receive the data from the microcontroller and it does two main tasks. First, to receive data via the Google API and store them. The second is to transmit the data to the mobile application. It retains information such as the time at which the car was parked, the amount paid by the user mode of payment, etc.

Few challenges needed to be taken care of like internet network range, connectivity, whether conditions, manage a large amount of info. Now, let us know about an innovative design for EV charging stations using IoT for better understanding.


Kazam EV Carger

Kazam brings to you the cost-productive and glowing AC charger. A 3.3KW IoT, SIM-based charger at your parking area. It allows charging your electric vehicles such as bicycles, bikes, cars, and other EVs. It is an anti-theft, waterproof, and affordable charging station with advanced technology. Isn’t it super cool?


Final Words

We have to know about the latest technology which helps in better future. IoT is our future for the charging stations for a better infrastructure around us. As we know, time changes everything. It is IoT time. Lets us welcome it with more innovative ideas.


To Know More

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