October 7, 2022


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How to Add Printer to Computer for any Operating System

How to Add Printer to Computer for Operating System
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Printers are the most common gadgets that have been used by both small and large scale industries. This type of device is basically used to print the important official documents, apart from this it can also scan, copy and mail important documents. To operate a printer device is very easy but still, there are some users who find it difficult to make a connection between computer and printer. The only single query that struck in the mind of printer users is that “connect printer to computer”, But the user will don’t have to worry as some troubleshooting steps have been discussed by our team in the given below.


Troubleshooting Steps for Add Printer to Computer:

  • Make a Connection between the printer and the computer through a USB Cable. Make Sure that both computer and printer should be in turn on mode
  • Now Click on the Windows Start option that is present under the left of the bottom. Select the option of Control panel there
  • Now Choose the option” Devices and printers”.Click “ Add a Printer” option and a new window will appear on the screen.
  • In the New Window named” Add Printer Wizard” will appear, Click on next to go further to the next page
  • In the next step select the local printer which is attached to directly to the computer.If this option does not show it means that the printer is connected to another network i.e Home or office network.
  • Select that other network printer that is attached to the computer and click on next option
  • Now Choose the printer you want to use in the next step.If the printer is connected to any network then more than one printer will be shown on screen
  • Now Click on Finish option to save the changes and test a print command to check whether the printer is connected to the computer or not.

So these are the Basic troubleshooting steps through which any user can Add Printer to Computer. But still in case if any issue persists then contact our technical experts to resolve these issues.