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How to Hire the Best NFT Developer

How to Hire the Best NFT Developer

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) have tickled the curiosity of people around the world by bringing forward the option of digitization of assets as a popular culture. The global NFT market has well grown past over $40 billion in 2021, which only proves that people’s interest in NFTs is genuine and due to that there has been mushrooming of NFT marketplaces. NFT marketplaces function as an infrastructure to simplify the process of selling, purchasing, and even staking NFTs in some cases. There are over two dozen use cases of NFTs for enterprises, which till now were limited to individual users, but ever wondered how these enterprises hire the best NFT developer? 

The below article will explain what are the nuances of hiring the best NFT developer, no matter whether you run an enterprise or an amateur looking to enhance your knowledge.


What is an NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique type of token that can’t be substituted and is owned by only a single entity. An NFT can represent anything in the real world, ranging from cars, real estate, music, art pieces, or some in-game assets that are not interchangeable. NFTs are of kind digital assets and they can be bought and sold off just like any other asset cars or properties that do not require any maintenance, as they do not have tangible forms of their own.


Who is an NFT developer? 

An NFT developer is a skilled professional developer who has deep knowledge about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and how different types of projects are developed by using NFTs. An NFT developer can utilize his knowledge to build NFT-based platforms for enterprises and businesses like NFT marketplaces.

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What are the Top Blockchain Platforms used by NFT Developers? 

There are various different blockchain platforms utilized by developers to do NFT development, but mainly three platforms are the preferred ones namely: 

  • Ethereum 
  • Flow 
  • Solana 

How to Find the Best NFT Developers  

Finding and hiring the best NFT developer can be a daunting task, as before you choose an NFT developer you must finalize which platform you choose for development. The blockchain platform you chose plays an important role and different platforms command different skills required by an NFT developer.


What are the Skills Required by an NFT Developer? 

An Ethereum-based NFT developer would require a sound knowledge of Solidity programming language, Truffle and JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for web development. Must have an understanding of various use cases of the Ethereum tokens along with solid knowledge of cryptography, as basic security of NFTs depends upon it, as quoted by the co-founder of Rejolut, Mr. Amit Kumar. 

While when we talk about an NFT developer who develops over Flow, requirements change a bit, he must know Cadence programming language and Flow Client Library. Flow lets developers patch bugs and partly upgradation of smart contracts over the network. 

Having expertise in C, and C++ language is the prerequisite for an NFT developer who happens to develop over Solana, as complete writing of on-chain programs is done in these languages. Solana-based NFT developers would also need to know the Rust programming language, which is used to build dApps and libraries. Having knowledge of general-purpose things like data structures, testing frameworks, build systems, and object-oriented programming is a must for the developer. 


Where can you find the best NFT developers?

Apart from all this regular hiring process, a large section of NFT developers can be found on various websites and talent marketplaces and even over LinkedIn, as there aren’t many parameters defined for the hiring of NFT developers. 

Well, consulting an NFT development company comes as another option, in case hiring an individual NFT developer doesn’t suit your project. An NFT development company offers complete consulting through its team of experienced NFT developers and takes complete responsibility for the development, and sometimes even offers post-launching support. 



Finding the best NFT developer is of utmost importance, as it can make or break your project. Before hiring a developer make sure you communicate well with him and discuss your project details along with the responsibilities. 

Hope the above-written article helps you identify and hire talented NFT developers with impeccable skills who will help you build and scale up your project.