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How to Increase the Security of your Van?

Sometimes, being the owner of the van means being both the transport and storage facilitator of tools and precious cargo, and sadly, many thieves know this. According to the data from the site, there was an annual increase of 19% of van theft claims in the year 2017. Along with this, the van drivers are more at theft because of the new and advanced techniques to break into the vehicles. With the comprehensive Van Insurance, it is always the correct option to have some extra security too. So, here are a few ways in which you can heighten the security of your vehicle.

Signage – this point is both a bane and a boon. Signage is advertising your business, and that can make it more prone to thieves who could think that your van carries certain specific goods. But it is also advertising your contact info all over it so that it is more identifiable if stolen. Also, the thieves might consider taking a side road rather than bearing the cost of re-spraying a stolen van.

GPS – Installing a good quality GPS tracker can give you the advantage of not losing hope of never getting your stolen van back. Having a tracker in your vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get your van again, but it does give you an upper hand in ensuring that your van returns to you.

Contents – As thieves, they have ample knowledge that vans are used by the tradespeople and mostly for the transport of expensive equipment. Try not to be an easy target and store your tools and high priced equipment somewhere other than the vans. It gives you an edge over them.

Dark windows – Here’s an effective way you can keep your vans away from prying thief eyes, darken your rear windows so that you can keep your precious items away from the people who might be planning a break-in after chasing.

Alarms – There are many vans, specifically modern-day vans, which have a security alarm feature set in them. Some of the exclusive models also have a system of sending an SOS to your phone if a break is in motion.

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Types of Security Locks

Here are the various options that you can get when picking a lock for your van

Slam lock – Just as the name suggests, and as you can very well guess from the title, the slam lock is active as soon as you slam the doors of your van. This lock is helpful for a situation when you might mistakenly leave the door unattended, and the opportunistic thieves might get lucky. Slam locks are generally unlocked using either a key or a digital remote; the former is considered a safer option as obtaining a copy for the digital remote is easier.

Deadlock – This type of lock has both a boon and bane. The benefit being that under this, the van doors are locked with a single bolt and involves no spring whatsoever, so it makes it harder for the thieves to pick the lock. And the bane is that with deadlocks you have to lock it every time it is used, which makes it a less attracting option for ones who make constant stops.