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How to Preserve Cosmetics for Long Lasting Time?

We spend a lot of time choosing our beauty products. We read countless comments, look at multiple blogs, and debate which beauty products are worth the money we spend on. But all that research is for naught if we don’t store our beauty products properly. The beauty products are like food because they have expiration dates and must be stored properly to function effectively for sensitive cosmetics such as base foundations. For them, the simple foundation boxes would not be enough.

Improper storage of makeup products, for example, can cause cosmetics to rust and formulas to spoil, which can lead to skin irritation and other unpleasant effects. It might not surprise you that Instagram-approved makeup storing tricks aren’t always the best for beauty products. What looks pretty can often compromise the formula, which means money wasted. To keep beauty products at their best, it is important to know the right (and wrong!) Way to store them.


Things that Must be Avoided While Storing Cosmetics

These are some of the most common mistakes about storing beauty supplies and organizing makeup that you should stop making now.

Storing Beauty Products in the Shower

The heat and humidity from the shower can cause ingredients in skincare and body products to break down faster. Not to mention that water can get in and dilute the formula. We know that it takes more work and you will probably be lazy, but it is better to take the products into the shower when you are ready to use them and remove them when you are done.


Forgetting to Replace the Caps

Most of the time, we’re pretty diligent about putting caps back on makeup and nail polish, but we need to make sure all of our products are tightly sealed. Caps that are not completely removed from the product are safe to prevent products from drying out and protect the formula from dust, debris, and other contaminants.


Store Beauty Products in a Warm area or in Direct Sunlight

You might like the way light hits your luxury product bottles, but storing beauty products in the sun for long periods of time is a big no-no. Like the heat from a shower, the sun can cause active ingredients to break down. Beauticians suggest storing products in a cool place to keep them at their best.


Keeping Beauty Products in the Bathroom

The bathroom is a useful place to store products, but it is not the ideal place to store them. According to some cosmetic experts, many products are not designed to withstand temperature variation, which can accelerate oxidation and reduce overall shelf life, making some products potentially harmful. for the skin. So, instead of storing cosmetics on your bathroom shelf, Rivera suggests storing them in lower bathroom cabinets.

Why? The hot air rises, so the lower cabinets experience fewer changes in temperature. It is also a good option to store cosmetics or beauty products in the bedroom or in a closet near the bathroom.

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So, by avoiding all of these above-mentioned ways of storing cosmetics, you will be able to make your cosmetic more effective and long-lasting. Thus, you don’t have to waste money on buying cosmetics again and again. As all of the cosmetics have some sorts of chemicals, this chemistry of cosmetics can easily get affected by a non-suitable environment. Thus, it is very important for you to take care of your cosmetics if you want to enhance their life and keep them more effective on your skin for a long time.