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Best Room Heater for Winter in India

Finally we are about to enter at the time when cold will be our friend, everyone wants to take enjoyment of this whether until the whether gets more ugly. Where’s the solution for this, the key to this solution is in our article. Having one of the best space heaters is essential, whether your bedroom is prone to being chilly or your heated blanket isn’t doing the trick. Space heaters help you achieve and maintain the ideal temperature in any room they are placed in, just like portable air conditioners do. Here is the list of the best Heaters for winters which includes both the Room Heater and Oil Heater-

1- Bajaj Majesty 2400 Watt Oil Heater

This heater is purely noiseless and offers comfort during the winters. It can be adjusted with 3 heat settings. It is cosy and comfy, made for large rooms, and has safety tilt and an automatic thermal shut-off to prevent overheating. This oil room heater’s castor wheels make it simple to move around and operate. It has a 2-year warranty and is trustworthy and secure. It comes with the 400 watt PTC ceramic fan heater which creates high heating efficiency. It has got 4.2 star out of 5 star in Amazon and comes with the price range of ₹ 8,650 as on November 2022.


2- Orpat Fan Heater 2000 Watt

The Orpat Fan Heater is suitable for small and medium-sized rooms. It has a metal frame and a plastic body, and it is completely silent when the heater is turned on. The item is white and comes with a one-year warranty. It’s comfortable with small or medium size room of upto 250 sq ft. As it’s body is made up of plastic and metal it create less sound. The room heater has two heat settings with 1000 and 2000 watts each to provide the ideal level of heat intensity for your room.

Do not plug into a conventional 5 A or 6 A socket; instead, use a 3 pin plug or extension cable to serve as a 5-15 A converter. Extension cords cannot be used continuously. It has got a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 star in Amazon and comes with the price range of ₹ 1114.


3- Havells OFR 11 Fin 2900 Watt Oil Heater

The Havells oil-filled room heater provides easy breathing without making the surroundings dry. Three different power levels are included with this excellent Havells PTC room heater. It uses a varied wattage on each power setting. Consequently, it contributes to energy conservation. The tilt switch’s over protection offers additional security while it is in use. To keep you cosy and toasty inside your home, the thermostat heat control helps heat your room more quickly and effectively. For safety, it incorporates a tilt over switch and over heat protection. It has got 4.2 stars of ratings out of 5 on amazon and comes with the price range of ₹ 9,499.

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4- Amazon Brand – Solimo 2000W Fan Room Heater

The lightweight fan room heater from Amazon, the Solimo, is ISI-certified, portable, and simple to set up both vertically and horizontally in the room. It is available in white and has a one-year warranty. You can easily store it horizontally or vertically, and because it can throw air up to 10 feet, you can acquire heat quickly. The Solimo has a stylish knob that lets you choose between hot, cool, or warm air. This heater also has a 16A socket is necessary for connecting. This comes with a one-year warranty and is only available in white.

The Solimo Room Heater is built to prevent overheating; if the temperature hits 130° C, the motor will shut off automatically. A safety fuse is also there, and it blows when the heater hits 126 ° C. It is a safe alternative for homes and families because the heater’s plastic body is fire resistant and has a metal grill that keeps the copper element firmly locked in. It has 4 star rating out of 5 star on amazon and comes in ₹ 999.


5- Kenstar 2400 watts 9 Fins Oil Filled Radiator

A fan-forced heating system with a Kenstar oil-filled radiator with a 2400 watt rating and nine fins heats the room. Because of its heat-reflecting fins, castor wheels, and fire-resistant construction, this oil heater is extremely durable. The main benefit of this oil-filled room heater is that it does not induce suffocation or dryness. The Kenstar oil-filled radiator consumes less energy and requires almost no upkeep. This space heater features a stylish design that will complement your home’s decor. It has 4.1 star rating out of 5 star on amazon and comes in ₹ 7490.

I hope that you have found best Heaters for winters which you were looking for. If you have any thoughts in your mind then do share them below.