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How to Take Screenshot on HP Laptop

At any point of time while you are working in your laptop you need to take the screenshot of any content or ideas, or any gameplay etc. Every laptop or PC comes with an ability to take the screenshot , but the thing you shold know is how to take them.

There are various occasions by which you have to take the screenshots, like a financial transaction for proof, or sharing some ideas with your colleague at the office , recommending something to your friend and much more. As you know that HP is one of the most advanced technology corporation in the world when it comes to the Laptops or PC.

If you are not familiar with how to take the screenshots, then I am going to tell you the ways of how you can take the screenshot on HP Laptop no matter if your laptop is running on Windows 7 / 8 or 10.


Here is the First Way to Take the Screenshot in your Laptop-

1. Screenshot with PrtSc Key in the Keyboard.

The easiest way to take the screenshot is by clicking simply on the PrtSc key from your keyboard.  The PrtSC key is located next to the delete key. With this method you can take the screenshot of full screen.

If the PrtSc key is next to the f-keys in the same row on the right of an HP laptop, you can take a screenshot immediately away by pressing it. If the PrtSc key is at the top or bottom of the f-keys on an HP computer, you might need to hit Fn + PrtSc or Windows + PrtSc at the bottom of the keyboard to take a screenshot.+


2. Snipping Tool Screenshot

Snipping tool is my personal favourite when it comes to taking screenshots of particular area or field in the screen of the laptop or pc. You can search by clicking on the start button about the snipping tool or just press the CTRL + ALT + S key and select the area you want to take the screenshot of.

You can also choose the kind of snip you want to do in your laptop. After selecting the mode of snip  the screen will turn light greyish and you have to select the area which you want to take the screenshot of and it will be copied to your clipboard. After this, you can save the screenshot or you can just perform CTRL + V action if you want to send it to someone on the whatsapp , by going to their chats.

If you want to get some additional feature of editing the screenshot then you can use the Vidmore Screen Recorder tool. Sometimes the PrntSc key doesn’t work in the laptop, so you can use this tool. Not only this, it also provides you the advanced editing features so that you can edit your screenshots. You can also record your lappy screen with this tool or app. Added feature to this is that you can add text, arrows or shapes to the screenshots. It supports HP Pavilion, HP EliteBook, HP Chromebook and HP Envy Laptop.

Steps to Take Screenshot By Using This App-

– Just open the app and select the snapshot option from the main interfere from the app.

–  Select the area which you want to capture as screenshot. It can be selected as a rectangle area.

– Now after taking the screenshot, you can either save it or edit it with the text, arrows, line etc.

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  • How to activate the Print Screen Button ?

You can activate the Print Screen Button by first going to setting , and click ease of access. Find the keyboard there and click on it. Scroll down to Print screen shortcut and turn that on.


  • Where is the Print Screen Key located in HP Laptop ?

The print screen key is located at the top and little right of the keyboard between the pause and delete buttons or keys. Press and hold the fn key and press the Print Screen key to take the screenshot. I hope that you have got the answer of How to take screenshot in your HP Laptop. If you have any thoughts, do comment below.