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Huawei Smartwatch Gt Runner

Huawei a reputed tech gaint , has came up with its new smartwatch which is not just a smartwatch, especially designed for the runners. With it’s long lasting 2 week long battery life and supports more than 100+ workout modes, SpO2 monitoring and AI running coach and much more….


7 Things You Need to Know

The list doesn’t end yet. There are 7 things to love the huawei smartwatch gt runner. Let’s see the best features which you would love in this smartwatch –

  • The huawei new smartwatch is more lightweight and more comfortable than any other smartwatch available in the whole market , globally. The smartwatch weighs just 38.5 gm.
  • It comes with the Dual-Band Five System GNSS which provides the ground-breaking floating antenna positioning design.
  • It comes with the Accurate real time heart rate monitoring , which is 100% accurate.
  • With the scientific running programme , it ensures more accurate data monitoring along with the HUAWEI Trusport pro Scientific Running Programe. It can calculate your intensity of the training , training volume , your recovery time and much more.
  • Your new AI Running Coach . This smartwatch could become your new running coach as it provides the running plans and adjust your training courses.
  • Long lasting 2 week battery life, there is no stopping you and this smartwatch.
  • Your running mate is this new smartwatch from Huawei. This can track your navigation , music playback and compass in built.

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Professional Features of HUAWEI GT Runner

It also keeps track of your SpO2 and stress levels, and its sleep tracking tool is particularly amazing, catching even naps and integrating them in your daily energy and recovery statistics.

The Running Ability Index is TruSport analytics’ most intriguing new feature (RAI). Based on your past heart rate, pace, distance, and other statistics, the Huawei Watch also calculates the Running Ability Index score for you to help you figure out where you are in your training. Your score will be used to create training recommendations as well as other common training statistics like predicted recovery times, anaerobic/aerobic load, VO2 max, and race time estimates.

Your personalized running plan is automatically synced from the HUAWEI Health App to the Huawei watch, guaranteeing that you may use it whenever you choose. Additionally in the smartwatch , while jogging, the Real-Time Voice Trainer feature may deliver voice notifications that inform you of your heart rate, pace, and other body parameters, as well as your current training goals, allowing you to concentrate more fully on your route.

Huawei’s Celia voice assistant is included in the Huawei Watch GT Runner, which is compatible with Android and iOS phones. So what are you waiting for, grab the all new Huawei smartwatch which is available at 2 colour – Black and Grey. Both the colour looks amazing and gorgeous.



By launching the all new Huawei Gt Runner, the Huawei has set a new benchmark in the world of the smartwatches globally in the whole world. It provides various sensors such as Accelerometer sensor, Gyroscope sensor, Geomagnetic sensor, Optical heart rate sensor and Air pressure sensor. If you are looking for a professional watch, you can consider this one.