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ITC and Tata Motors: Stocks With a Promising Future

The ITC share a recorded high of Rs 299.2, after the company’s exceptional performance in the September quarter. Most investors who did not buy in the company would be kicking themselves for missing out on the tobacco-to-FMCG giant’s recent advances.

However, there are Four Compelling Reasons to continue Investing in ITC from a long-term Perspective:

  1. The corporation is making a determined effort to reduce its reliance on the tobacco industry. It is effectively reinvesting the proceeds from the tobacco industry in high-growth sectors like FMCG, agriculture, and hotels. Ten years ago, the tobacco industry accounted for 80 percent of the company’s overall revenue. Today, it contributes just 40%. The business continues to generate 90% of the company’s revenue. This figure will also alter if the company’s FMCG sector hits break-even in a year or two and its hotel and paperboard businesses attain sufficient size to contribute substantially to profits.
  1. ITC has developed enterprises that will provide long-term revenue. Whether in the FMCG, agriculture, paperboard, or hotel industries, present investments will generate assets capable of generating long-term advantages for the organization.
  1. The itc share price hit has established a position of leadership in the majority of the industries in which it operates. It is the market leader in the country’s cigarette and paper industries. It is one of the three major participants in the hotel industry.
  1. Over the previous two decades, ITC has generously rewarded stockholders. The stock has gained from a price of one rupee at the end of 1991 to a current price of Rs 290. And throughout this period, the business has distributed approximately Rs 19,000 crore in cumulative dividends to its stockholders! Two bonus issues have been announced by the company: a 1:2 bonus issue in 2005 and a 1:1 bonus issue in 2010. Investing in a firm with this track record is more secure than a penny stock.

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Why is Tata Motors a MUST-PURCHASE stock?

Despite early concerns about the fuel composition, the corporation has maintained its growth projection. We believe that the traction of growth and diversification will work in Tata Motors’ favor over the coming several quarters. It would, however, be informative to examine how the firm is calibrating its future objectives and integrating the troika of alternative push, cost optimization, and China’s emphasis to build a new growth trajectory in the future.

This is why:

  • As our reliance on fossil fuels diminishes, the solution to powering the billions of automobiles will be batteries.
  • JLR is placing a high premium on its I-Pace Electric Vehicles, which are expected to be very efficient (260-290 miles driving with one charge).
  • JLR intends to expand manufacturing in low-cost zones such as Slovakia while simultaneously increasing localization in India, China, Hungary, and Slovakia.
  • The tata motors share price intends to enhance its investment in automation and robots in high-cost manufacturing centers. Additionally, development expenses will be minimized by the utilization of in-house engineering.
  • By 2023, the business intends to boost its dealer network by 15% to 1,800. Additionally, 100% of dealers are projected to be updated to the ARCH dealer network, which has a roughly 7% faster customer turnaround.
  • The one significant takeaway from the JLR analyst meeting was that the company’s emphasis on China as the future engine of development would continue.

These were some helpful information ITC share and Tata Motors share.