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Junket Tourism: How to Travel the World for Casino Gaming

Junket Tourism: How to Travel the World for Casino Gaming

Junket tours are a popular service nowadays, which are provided by various casinos around the world independently or in cooperation with tour operators. What are the conditions of such services, what are their benefits, and in general, what is a junket tour? You may find the answers find answers to these questions here or in the article below.

What is Junket Tourism?

The word “junket” comes from the English “junket,” a dessert in the form of sweet curd with nuts and soft cream. Over time the word acquired a second meaning – a tourist trip, including a visit to a gambling establishment. The meaning transformation implies that a junket tour is a collection of all the delicious things on a tourist trip.

The main feature of this type of travel is the payment from the company. The institution assumes the cost of travel, accommodation, and food, and the person undertakes to play in it for a certain amount of time and bet on the amount specified in the contract.

Among the services provided to the participants of the tours are flight, transfer, and hotel room. The client must pay a deposit as a sum insured. This money goes to his account and is given out when he visits the place.


The History of Junket Tourism and Why it’s Extremely Popular Now?

The first mention of this format of leisure appeared in the 50s in Las Vegas. It was then that tourists began to arrive there en masse by casino invitations, which in exchange for bets offered a free transfer, accommodation, food, and recreation.

The format quickly gained popularity also at the expense of foreign tourists. Gambling facilities were outlawed in many countries, and people willingly bought trips. After Las Vegas, similar offers began to come from Europe.


What This Trip Looks Like?

All terms and conditions of the junket tour are negotiated with the casino in advance, before the start of the trip. Individual junket tour programs are also possible. Let us consider the standard options.

At first glance, junket – is free travel, which could take advantage of anyone, BUT – it is free tours only for people with money. The terms and conditions of almost all junket tours include a minimum deposit (an insurance amount that is deposited into a casino account, before the trip begins). The deposit is calculated both per player and per couple. Usually, the deposit for a couple is higher by 30-40 percent than the single-player deposit.

Generally, the higher the deposit the customer is willing to make to the casino account, the better trip terms the casino provides. The deposit is not only a sum of insurance and proof of the client’s solvency, this money is also used by the client to play. At the end of the trip, if the customer complied with all conditions of the junket tour, i.e., played the specified number of hours and at the specified rates, the deposit money, minus the money used by the customer to play, is returned. If the customer arrived and refused to play, in this case, the casino deducts the cost of airfare, hotel, and transfer from the deposit.

If the customer wins at the casino, he takes his winnings and the deposit in full. In this case, the trip is not only free and interesting but also profitable. The average number of hours required to play at the casino is about 2 to 5 hours a day for special minimum and maximum bets. In this case, the minimum bets are not much different from the usual.


The Features of Junket Tours

The main features a guest should be prepared for:

  • The obligations that are spelled out in the contract will have to be fulfilled;
  • The guest receives a hotel room at the casino. Also at his disposal is the entire service of the complex;
  • The possibility of visiting another country with its cultural characteristics, climate, cuisine, etc.
  • Non-game tours around the city – the plan may include excursions, entertainment events, and concerts.
  • According to the contract, the casino is obliged to maintain the anonymity of the guests, if it is important for them.


What are the Best Countries for Gambling?

1- Las Vegas

Here everything takes place with great pageantry. The guest can be personally accompanied by representatives of the establishment. He can arrange a limousine transfer, provide a personal bonus using best gambling apps Canada, and offer other free services. Junket tours to Las Vegas casinos are organized by all popular venues. Caesars Palace, Cosmopolitan, and The Bellagio offerings are especially noteworthy.


2- Europe

Organized by countries in the eastern and western parts of the region. The most interesting are the trips to Monaco, but at the same time, they are also the most expensive.


3- Caribbean

These tours will be useful for people who have dreamed of visiting this place. They are organized within one island or their group. Transfers are made by sea and by air.


4- Macau

A luxurious Chinese resort comparable to Las Vegas. The largest clubs in the world are located here. The trip will cost more than to the USA or Europe. But the level of service and the number of additional services are worth it. For more information about Macao click here:


Do not think that junket tours are a very expensive pleasure, designed exclusively for millionaires. VIP-travels do require a lot of money, but there are also budget options that are not ruinous for the average-income gambler, and if you win, they also pay off. This is a great way to combine leisure, new experiences, and gambling in unfamiliar and therefore even more exciting conditions.