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Keep a Track of Your Union Bank Account Activities 

Union Bank of India, established in 1919, is one of the largest government-owned banks in India. It operates under the ownership of the Government of India with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Union Bank offers a wide range of banking and financial services to individuals, businesses, and corporate clients.

The bank provides various products and services, including savings and current accounts, fixed deposits, loans (such as personal loans, home loans, car loans, and business loans), credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, mobile banking, and wealth management services. Union Bank also offers specialised services for agriculture, rural development, and priority sector lending.

Union Bank of India has recently introduced an uninterrupted 24x7x365 banking service through its Call Centre, aiming to provide continuous support to its customers. This service acts as an essential communication channel, offering banking facilities through both Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and human interaction with Call Centre executives. The IVR system can handle calls in multiple languages, including Hindi, English, and 12 regional languages like Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Oriya, Assamese, Urdu, and Konkani.

Customers who have registered with a PIN can avail themselves of various banking services through the IVR. These services include accessing account information, checking current balance, reviewing the last five transactions, hot-listing debit cards, linking Aadhar numbers, and initiating stop payments for cheques, all without the need to speak to a customer care executive. If desired, callers can easily switch to an agent during the call to seek information about the bank’s products and services, make service requests, or lodge complaints.

The Call Centre services cover different segments, including retail deposits. These services cater to account-related inquiries, providing information about retail products and processes, generating phone banking PINs, reporting lost or blocked debit cards, addressing failed debit card transactions, and generating duplicate debit card PINs. Additionally, the Call Centre handles services related to internet banking, mobile and SMS banking, such as registration, password management, troubleshooting, and enabling or disabling login and authentication.

For contact purposes, Union Bank provides toll-free numbers: 1800 22 22 44, 1800 22 22 43, 1800 208 2244, and 1800 425 1515. Additionally, there is a charged number, 080-61817110, and a dedicated number for NRI customers: +918061817110.

The introduction of this facility has not only made it easier for its customers to have a smooth banking experience the services mentioned above but it has also give them an easy way to check on their account balance through Union Bank Balance Enquiry Number.


Here are the ways to check your Union Bank Balance through Union Bank Balance Enquiry Number:

1. Missed call service:

Ensure that your mobile number is linked to your Union Bank Account. Simply give a missed call to the designated Union Bank Balance Enquiry Number 09223008586 from your registered mobile number. Subsequently, you will receive the details of your Union Bank account balance on your registered mobile number.


2. SMS Banking:

To avail the SMS banking service, you need to register your mobile number with Union Bank. Send an SMS containing the keyword ‘BAL’ or ‘BALANCE’ to the specified number. Following this, you will receive your account balance details on your registered mobile number.

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Other ways to check your Union Bank Account Balance

If you want to check your Union Bank Account Balance some other way, here are some of the ways you can check out:

1. Union Bank Mobile Banking App:

To avail this service, it is necessary to download and install the official Union Bank Mobile Banking application on your smartphone. Log in using your internet banking credentials and navigate to the section displaying your account balance to instantly view your balance.


2. Union Bank Internet Banking:

Visit the official website of Union Bank and log in using your internet banking credentials. Proceed to the account balance option, where you can conveniently view your balance.


3. ATM:

Visit the nearest Union Bank ATM and insert your Union Bank Debit card. Enter your card’s PIN and select the “Balance Inquiry” option. The ATM screen will display your account balance.


4. Passbook:

Head to your nearest Union Bank branch and update your passbook either using the self-service passbook printing machine or by visiting the customer service desk. Your passbook will reflect the updated details of your account balance.


5. Customer Care:

Reach out to Union Bank’s customer care service via the dedicated helpline or general enquiry number. Provide your account details and request assistance in checking your account balance. The customer service representative will guide you in obtaining the desired information.


6. USSD:

Utilise the USSD service to inquire about your Union Bank of India account balance. Dial *99# from your registered phone number to access the USSD menu and follow the prompts provided. This convenient method allows you to check your balance swiftly, without requiring an internet connection or smartphone.

It is not only Union Bank which provides such facilities. Almost all the other banks such as PNB, SBI, HDFC, IOB, etc. also provide their customers with the facility to check their account balance with just a phone call or a text message. For instance, if you have an account in Indian Overseas Bank, knowing your account balance is just a phone call or a text away through the IOB Balance Check Number.


Ways to check your IOB account balance 

1. Balance Check through Call:

  • Ensure that your mobile number is registered with your IOB account.
  • Dial the IOB balance check number: 18004257744 or 04428519460 from your registered mobile number.
  • Follow the step by step instructions given by the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system.
  • You will receive information about your account balance through the call.


2. Balance Check through SMS:

  • Register your mobile number for SMS banking with IOB. Visit your nearest IOB branch or contact their customer care for the registration process.
  • Once your mobile number is registered, send an SMS in the following format: BAL<Account Number> to the designated IOB SMS number.
  • The SMS should be sent to 84240 22122.
  • You will receive an SMS containing your account balance information on your registered mobile number.

For more banking facilities you may reach out to the nearest branch.