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Nancy Momoland Biography, Age, Family, Facts & Photos Leaked

Nancy Momoland Biography, Age, Family & Unknown Facts

Nancy Momoland Biography, Wiki

Nancy Jewel McDonie also known as Nancy Momoland is an American Korean. Her date of birth is 13th April 2001 from south Korea. The singer was dancer and singer at when she was just. She competed on a reality show known as Korea Got Talent at the age of 11. She was part of the hip-hop band “Cutie Pie”.

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She is currently a K pop singer for the label MLD Entertainment from a group called Momoland and also serves as the group’s lead singer, and the leader dancer who is the visual middle as well as Maknae. The songs she’s released were released and have become a major chart-topping hit.

The actress gained notoriety through TikTok following a 3D sketch that gained fame. The sketch was akin to her, and people began looking her up on YouTube and later made video clips of herself and uploaded videos on TikTok. The beautiful appearance of the actress earned her a massive following and she was well-known via TikTok. Learn more about Nancy’s Biography, age, family, and many other facts known to the public.

Nancy Momoland Age, Profile

Nancy Momoland Age

Full Name Nancy Jewel McDonie
Nick Name Aenaen/Jonaensi/Nancy Mmoland
Landed On Earth 36629
Birthplace Daego (South Korea)
Age 22 Years
Marital Status Unmarried
Qualification Graduate
Profession Singer, Dancer, Actor
College/University Hanlim Art University
School Hanlim Multi Arts High School


Nancy Momoland Height and Weight

Nancy Momoland Height and Weight

Height In Feet & Inches-5’5”
Weight 48kg
Eye Colour Black
Blood Group O+ve
Body Size 34-28-34
Hair Colour Natural Brown


Traits & Trivia of Nancy Momoland

Traits & Trivia of Nancy Momoland

Nationality South Korean
Zodiac Sign Aries
Religion Catholic
Handed Right-Handed
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian
Smoke & Drink No


Interests & Favorites of Nancy Momoland

Interests & Favorites of Nancy Momoland

Hobbies Watching Movies, Plot Videos
Favorite Actor Hyun Bin
Favorite Actress Bae Suzy
Beverage Europe
Favorite Game Football
Favorite Singer Jeon So-mi
Favorite Player Cho Guesung
Favorite Color Pink, Blue. Black
Favorite Food Chocolate and Sea Food


Nancy Momoland Net Worth & Social Media

Nancy Momoland Net Worth & Social Media

Net Worth ₹50 Crore
Salary ₹5 Lakh Per Show
Instagram 2.5M
Facebook 2.5M


Nancy Momoland Official YouTube Channel


Some Unknown Facts About Nancy Momoland

Interesting Facts About Nancy Momoland

  • Nancy has already become a well-known Korean performer, however recently because of her viral videos on TikTok that were posted by her followers, she was a trending topic on TikTok.
  • She sang her first song in her album “Welcome to Momoland” track ” Jjan!Koong!kwang” on the 9th of November, 2016. Then she sang and performed in several hit songs including Bboom Bboom(2018) I’m Hot(2019), i’m Hot(2019), Banana Chacha (2019), Just one You(2018).
  • She has been featured in the web-based series” Thumb Light” and has been in various shows like”Tooniverse Nangam School 2,”, and in”Pops In Korea” Pops In Seoul”.
  • Nancy is a member of the six girls in the group Momoland where she is the singer-lead and dancer. Other members include Hyebin, Jane, Nayun, Daisy, Jooe and Ahin. There are two of them. Yeonwoo and Taeha have left the group.
  • Nancy her mother was Korean born American as well as an American father with Irish descent. She spent the majority all of her time living in Ohio, USA.
  • Nancy Momoland’s motto is: If you’ve got the chance, don’t waste it.
  • Nancy is a specialist for English dance.

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