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Naples Shore Excursions That You Must Not Miss

Naples is the third-largest city in Italy and one of the most visited destinations by thousands of tourists from different parts of the world. If you want to explore the stunning beauty of this destination in utmost comfort, you need to book private Italy Shore Excursions. After all, this destination needs to be explored calmly on various days. But if you have less time at hand, you need to make choices about specific attractions to explore. 

That’s why we share with you the details of the best Naples shore excursions to easily plan your holiday.


1. Historic Center Tour

It is one of the most classic shore excursions in this area. During this excursion, you get to visit the city’s historic center. You can see many things here – from elegant Neapolitan museums and fascinating churches to some of the emblematic regions that make this city famous in the world. 

 We recommend you follow the guided itinerary to discover some of the most gorgeous symbols and beautiful places in the city. Also, try the traditional food during the tour to know more about the culinary history of Naples.


2. Pompei

Another popular shore excursion to consider from Naples is to visit Pompeii for its archaeological excavations. In 79 A.D, Pompeii was buried by the eruption of Vesuvius that also crystallized many lives in an eternal photograph. After this huge tragedy, everything became still. 

Today, you can walk through the ancient streets of Pompeii to find out what had happened in the past. You can even visit the age-old villas that are still intact and vibrantly hued. The place also houses an amphitheater, Roman workshops, an ancient pleasure house, the necropolis, and the forum.

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3. Amalfi Coast

Also explore the best of the Amalfi Coast during this private shore excursion. It is a great destination with breathtaking landscapes, great views, delicious food, and shopping. After being picked at the port of Naples at 8:00 AM, we take you to the Amalfi Coast. 

The first stop will be Sorrento, a popular resort. You will also discover a pleasant village with picturesque streets, beautiful scenery, and charming people. After that, you will head downhill to Positano to a postcard-like town for a little stroll through the narrow picturesque streets and stores. 

Post lunch at Luigi’s Well, you will see another gem of Amalfi Coast – Ravello. It is a town of many artists and offers many amazing things to do, especially in the summer during the famous “Ravello Festival”.

The best time to visit the Amalfi Coast is in the month of May or September. This place is the most enjoyable during these two months. You can enjoy various activities and beautiful weather during May or September.  Temperatures here normally sit somewhere around 68°F to 77°F. If you don’t want to visit when there is a crowd, consider visiting from November to March.

So, these are the three popular Naples excursions to consider if you want to explore this part of Italy. To book your tour, for excursions of Naples, contact Rome Private Excursions via an email or phone call. We offer you a complete guided tour under the guidance of professional tour guides.