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Pergola Vs. Patio: How To Choose The Right Shade?

No summer months are complete without lavishing time amidst nature (or outdoors). There you may have breakfast listening to the morning chirp of birds, fall in love with the breezy afternoon or have dinner (probably, candlelight) with someone special or a family gathering. But several times, the scorching heat gets successful in dispatching you inside to seek shelter. To turn down such synopses, ponder on the shade solutions. Your entertainment space in your garden or backyard needs a covering to add style and functionality.

Pergolas and patios are a great way to enhance the appearance of your property, as well as provide shade to your entertainment spot. Though both provide ample shade, there’s a difference between a patio and a pergola. And understanding them will help you reach the destination of choosing the right shade. Here’s a quick list of pointers that will guide you through choosing the right shade for your outdoor entertainment space. So, have a look at it!

What Is A Pergola?

A pergola is not a roof. It is an arched structure that supports roofing beams, upon which climbing planters are trained. However, it brings in the shade to that space. You can either attach it to your home or make it a freestanding structure based on your needs and design.


What Is A Patio?

A patio is an open-air-roof extension to the home, typically surrounded by asphalt shingles. Oftentimes, they are designed keeping in mind the landscape. Additionally, being a versatile solution, a patio can take on any shape and be built with several materials like gravel, concrete, pebbles, etc. However, it fulfils the main need of yours, i.e., providing shade.

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4 Deciding Factors to Choose the Right Shade For You:


The way they support is the crucial aspect to consider while choosing between a patio and a pergola. A patio is an extension of the home; that means it’s connected to the outdoor walls of your house. You can cover them as you desire. Conversely, a pergola is not an attached part of your home. They work independently, and you can place them in any area of your outdoors. So, based on the space, you can decide what to prefer.



The second significant factor to ponder upon is the design and the entire appearance. As patios are truly an extension of the home, there’s a wealth of opportunities to accessorise it to make it eye-catching. You can incorporate different materials to mesmerise your guests, for example, stones, pebbles, gravel, concrete and many more. Pergolas, on the other side, are built from vinyl, wood or other materials. And you can custom-made it as per your designs. However, if you’re a person with green fingers, a pergola would be an ideal option.



As mentioned earlier, a pergola isn’t a roof; hence finding privacy with a pergola is tough. Additionally, if you want to make a space that can shield your furniture from harsh weather, then a patio would be a perfect fit. However, if you still like to have pergolas, then by adding curtains, you can double up your privacy.



As pergolas are four individual structures, they are relatively cheaper. Plus, they require much lesser time to get installed. However, patios take a longer time to get constructed as they’re an extension to your home. In that case, cost, as well as time, would be more for a patio. It’s pretty simple! The larger the structure, the longer time it will take to get constructed. All in all, an expensive project!

Other Points To Keep In Mind:

  • Generally, patios are installed for outdoor entertainment, but pergolas are used paramountly as an embellished garden element
  • Patios provide optimum shading, whereas pergolas have limited capabilities of shading
  • Patios are an ideal solution for houses of any size; however, pergolas are for keen gardeners
  • Patios are a solid structure, whereas pergolas usually last for a few years; however, you can move or alter them


What’s Your Decision – Pergolas Or Patios?

Amongst all the incredible ideas to enhance your outdoor space, pergola and patio additions are the most loved ones. But as you can see, there’re several differences between a pergola and a patio; however, they render several benefits. While patios are probably way more functional, pergolas tend to appeal and ornate your backyard instantly. Moreover, if you need shade, then both can fulfil your need. But, pergolas are comparatively less shade than patios.

Rather than being versatile and functional, pergolas are more used to enhance the appearance of the space. However, that’s not the case with patios. Therefore, when you contemplate choosing between a pergola and a patio, you must evaluate your needs properly. Additionally, you have to observe from which addition you’ll get the most benefit. And hopefully, the above factors will come in handy. Further, you can also take the help of patios and pergolas installers to help you make an informed decision.