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11 Perfect Gifts for the Smoker In Your Life

If you have a friend or family member who enjoys smoking, finding a thoughtful gift for them can be challenging. However, there are many great gift ideas that can appeal to any smoker. This article highlights 11 unique and practical gifts to consider for the smoker in your life.

1. Cigar Humidor

For the avid cigar aficionado, consider gifting them a high-quality cigar humidor. Humidors are air-tight boxes that help preserve premium cigars by maintaining ideal temperature and humidity levels. Choose one made from Spanish cedar wood and purchase a hygrometer to allow them to monitor conditions. Include a few rare cigars to get their collection started.


2. Luxury Lighter

A classy lighter makes a sophisticated gift. Opt for a metal case with a smooth action, such as a double-flame torch lighter. Other unique designs include lighters made from bullet casings. Engrave the lighter with the recipient’s initials or a personal quote for a meaningful touch. Present the lighter in a velvet bag or gift box for added appeal.


3. Tobacco Pipe

A beautifully carved tobacco pipe makes a stylish and functional gift idea for the pipe smoker. Select a briar wood pipe, which is the most common and absorbent material used in quality pipes. Choose a long-stemmed, bent, or straight pipe with intricate details and wood grain patterns. For a personalized touch, opt for custom pipe cases in leather materials.


4. Cigarette Case

Vintage-inspired metal cigarette cases remain popular and practical gifts for smokers. Choose silver, gold, or black engraved cases that securely store cigarettes and protect them from getting crushed. For customization, look for cases that can be engraved with the recipient’s name or initials. Present the case filled with the recipient’s favorite cigarette brand.


5. Whiskey Stones

For the smoker who enjoys whiskey, consider gifting whiskey stones. These specialty stones take the place of ice cubes to chill whiskey without getting diluted. Have the stones engraved for a personalized gift your recipient will appreciate. Pair the stones with whiskey glasses or a special bottle of scotch or bourbon for the full experience.


6. Premium Tobacco

Gift a tobacco connoisseur with a sampler of premium imported tobacco. Select a variety of hand-rolled cigars, loose pipe tobacco blends, or packs of foreign cigarettes. Arrange the tobacco in a personalized wooden box or humidor along with accessories like cutters and matches. This allows your gift recipient to enjoy new tobacco tastes from around the world.


7. Cigar Club Subscription

Give the gift that keeps on giving with a quarterly or monthly cigar club subscription. These club memberships deliver an assortment of premium, hand-selected cigars right to the recipient’s door. Sizes and quantities vary, often alongside cigar accessories. Subscriptions can be capped at 3, 6 or 12 months for a complete gift.


8. Book About Cigars/Cigarettes

Books make intellectual gifts, so for the well-read smoker pick out cigar or pipe collecting books. Titles like The Ultimate Cigar Book or tobacco reference books allow enthusiasts to gain insider knowledge of the hobby. Choose editions with beautiful photography and detailed technical information.


9. Monogrammed Flask

For smokers who drink spirits, customize a stainless steel hip flask with their initials. Pick small, pocket-sized designs that hold 6 ounces of liquor. You can choose classic silver or modern black colors. Include different high-end small-batch whiskeys, bourbons or scotches in personalized mini bottles to fill the flask.


10. Tobacco Grinder

For the taste connoisseur, gift a tobacco grinder for the freshest product. Metal grinders with diamond teeth provide smooth grinding. Opt for large designs that hold over an ounce of material. Add a pouch of premium pipe tobacco or rolling papers and filters so your recipient can enjoy their first fresh grind.


11. Decorative Bong

Lots of smokers use bongs to smoke tobacco or herbal substances. Bongs come in many different designs, some of them highly decorative. If the smoker in your life enjoys using a bong, why not choose a fun design from a bong shop to brighten up their hobby, such as a pineapple bong from the Head Shop at Not only will it look good but they can have fun using it.


The Perfect Gift for Any Smoker

Finding gifts for tobacco lovers is made simple with this guide to unique, customized finds. Pair practical presents with premium tobacco items, engraved accessories and spirits for an ideal tailored gift. Use this list to discover endless options for even the pickiest smoker.