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Professional Marble Cleaning: When to Call in the Experts

Marble surfaces, whether it be a kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, or flooring, are an epitome of luxury and aesthetic appeal. However, marble is not as forgiving as other surfaces when it comes to maintenance. From etching caused by acidic substances to water spots and stains, marble requires specialized care to maintain its natural luster. While routine cleaning and maintenance can be managed at home, there are instances when professional help is essential. Here we will explore when it’s time to call in the experts for marble polishing.


The Natural Delicacy of Marble

Before diving into the specifics, it’s important to understand that marble is a porous natural stone. This means that it’s susceptible to staining and etching from acidic substances like citrus juice, vinegar, and even certain cleaning agents. This makes the task of maintaining marble a sensitive job requiring the right technique and cleaning agents.


Regular Maintenance: What You Can Do

Daily Cleaning: Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe down marble surfaces. Avoid using abrasive or acidic cleaners.

Weekly Mopping: For marble floors, use a pH-neutral cleaner and soft mop. Always dry the floor after mopping to avoid water spots.

Sealing: Marble surfaces should be sealed every 6-12 months to offer some protection against stains and etching.


Signs You Need Professional Help

1. Deep Stains

If you notice deep-set stains that don’t go away with regular cleaning, it’s time to consult professional marble polishing services. Certain stains, like those from oil or wine, can penetrate deep into the porous structure of the marble and may require specialized treatment for removal.

2. Etching

Acidic substances can cause etching—visible dull marks—on marble surfaces. While minor etches can sometimes be treated with home-based polishing solutions, deeper marks usually require professional restoration.

3. Surface Dullness

Over time, daily wear and tear can make your marble lose its sheen. If your marble surfaces are looking particularly dull, professional polishing may be needed to bring back its natural luster.

4. Structural Damage

Cracks or chipping on marble surfaces require immediate professional intervention. Inexpert repair jobs can make the issue worse and lead to expensive replacements.

5. Recurring Water Spots

If you have tried tackling water spots but they keep coming back, it may indicate a larger issue. The marble may require resealing, something best handled by professionals.


How Clean Fanatics Marble Polishing Can Help?

Marble is a soft and porous stone; it can get scratched easily and is also able to absorb any liquid into its layers, causing it to lose its shine. Here is our devised a disciplined professional marble polishing process to bring back the shine to your marbles.

  1. A thorough inspection is done by the Clean Fanatics team to understand the needs of the polishing job.
  2. It becomes necessary to carry out a grinding process, In cases where the marble exhibits dirt marks, scratches, or signs of wear,. This involves the use of diamond pads with coarse grits to effectively eliminate these imperfections. By carefully removing a thin layer of marble (approximately 0.5 to 0.6mm), we ensure that all impurities and scratches are completely eradicated. As a result, the surface is left clean, albeit lacking its natural luster (since a thin layer has been removed)
  3. Slurry Removal – We vacuum out the slurry generated during the previous step using industrial-grade vacuum cleaners.
  4. Additionally, this levelling procedure involves the utilization of diamond abrasive pads or finer grits, which result in a uniform and semi-polish look for the marble.
  5. Once more, the slurry produced in the previous step is efficiently removed using high-quality industrial vacuum cleaners. The process of steps 4 and 5 is then repeated until the desired level of smoothness is achieved.
  6. During this stage, we employ Nylon abrasive pads in the Grinding machine to attain a gleaming, mirror-like sheen on your marble tiles.



Marble is an elegant but high-maintenance choice for home interiors. While you can handle regular cleaning, some situations absolutely require the expertise of professionals. Recognizing these signs early can save you both time and money, ensuring that your marble surfaces continue to be the centerpiece of your home’s beauty.