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Salesforce, Okta Partner to Help Firms With Contact Tracing

Salesforce, Okta Partner to Help Firms With Contact Tracing

We all are well aware of the pandemic i.e. covid-19. Many companies are taking their own precautionary measures so as to safeguard their employees from this pandemic situation. At present it is very difficult to identify the covid affected patient. However, with the advent of some existing technologies, you can do better. In that sense okta technology works better in contact tracing. Because okta integrates any person to any interface on any device. It’s an innovation access control service, developed for the cloud, but aligned with many on-site applications. With Okta, IT can handle the access of any customer to any system or device. If you are very excited to know more data about how okta technology really works in real time, then okta training is a must and should.

Why okta technology is considered by the firms:

  • The Okta formulation was baptized out of the different issues of how new tech has developed and changed to the increasing presence of devices, financial problems, safety, employee mobility, vendor partnership, and the explosive increase of unique application options.
  • The Okta characteristics involve Provisioning, Single Sign-On (SSO), Active Directory (AD) and LDAP implementation, centralized user deprovisioning, multi factor authentication (MFA), mobile identity management, and flexible organizational appropriate security policies.
  • The “Okta solution” overpowers the technological and economic restrictions of any legacy information management scheme that you are presently using.
  • Implementing okta technology enhances security, enhances consumer productivity, and ends up making your IT team more productive and effective.

With the help of these technological benefits offered by the okta, Company revealed a partnership with Okta technology company. which will link essential employee data to contact-tracking technology, expanding Salesforce’s initiatives to advance software for companies that copes with the covid-19 contagion.

As per the discussion of the San Francisco-based companies this platform also enables employees to use relevant data in Okta’s technologies to educate customers easily and get running with Salesforce’s techniques to help explore Covid-19 pandemic. Employees are gradually supposed to use the Okta technology to safely log in with a single click. 

We are well known that salesforce being the legend in the software industry for managing and maintaining the customer relationships has developed its own system i.e in order to help the companies to openly open their offices safely and securely.

The developed by salesforce helps to identify the employee details, manage emergency preparedness, and provide manual contact tracking in the aspect of the most important factor i.e the Covid-19 outbreak. The developed by salesforce is a key component of CEO Marc Benioff’s motive of achieving additives which are more acceptable for people at any given time when several American citizens were required to work and experiment at home.

According to the recent survey of salesforce has been accepted and utilized by the more than 60 government customers worldwide  nearly and 35 U.S. state agencies and federal agencies such as NASA in improving the employee efficiency and safety at the  work in response to the pandemic situation covid-19.

The product portfolio experiences identified as important from the ServiceNow company offerings. The Okta Collaboration could assist with the help of the comprehensive salesforce tools and applications widely. Moreover the salesforce’s stock markets  jumped 2.2% to $255.75 in New York city. Okta technology had altered little at $232.70. 

Okta provides organizational security software that encrypts employees and allows everyone to to instantly communicate to a number of diverse applications. 

Okta utilizes encryption software to ensure sensitive information such as unique SAML keys which are generated for access control. We also store and authenticate the credentials that users submit for down – stream SWA applications (apps) installed in their SSO ecosystem. No proprietary encrypted data is enforced by Okta. Customer information transformation is done on the application layer itself..

Okta  and are “two pieces of puzzle that follow safety,” said Sarah Franklin, Salesforce Senior Vice President, in a press conference. The collaboration will make sure that the information is “safeguarded and provides each Chief executive and Chief operating officer trust that those who could not only make a stand to these processes in this period of emergencies and really need, and can scale them up.”, on the other hand, needs complete access to employee data not commonly available in many other Salesforce applications. Employees were left with the decision of having to create complex integration methods in order to get the most necessary information. In May, Salesforce announced a pact with Workday Inc. to assist these concerns and the various struggles with Okta.

The pact, one where funds do not lose value, traces Okta’s very next product collaboration with Salesforce’s past basic software integration—a long-awaited goal for Chief Executive Officer Todd McKinnon. The board member said he wished the partnership would blossom. In the past, such kinds of deals have continued to boost the customer portfolio in Okta and ultimately increase profits. 

The advantage to clients is that the remedy merely works,” McKinnon said during a press conference. “We’re going to have lots more clients that we can purchase. Maybe it’s our multi-factor verification or single-sign-on products. Retaining customers is very essential to us. 

McKinnon has said the primary objective is to construct such types of promotional agreements with the 3 key cloud providers such as Inc., Microsoft Corp., and Alphabet Inc Google. The official statement of the Salesforce Pact happened in the middle of Okta’s digital showcase event to inaugurate innovative brands. 


Okta being the emerging technology in this digital era combined with the salesforce to provide a good solution to the IT companies to stand out in spite of these tough times that everyone is facing i.e. covid-19. Majority of the companies are looking for the best solutions to safeguard their employees and eventually improve the business development. In that aspect the solution worked out by combining the okta technology within the salesforce applications helps worldwide companies in contact tracing easily.

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