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Superior Quality Control Cables For Instrumental and Automation Applications

For those of you who don’t know about control cables, which are popularly known as flexible control wires are multi-conductors generally used in automation and instrumentation applications. They can measure and regulate transmission and automation processes; when applied crossway load by the ductile resistance generated in their elements. Often shielded by foil shield or a combination of the both, they are often UL rated.


When we look at basic control cables, they consist of a core and a jacket that helps in improving the resistance performance, safety standards and durability of the wire. They also come with various additional features like:

  1. Low Friction Coating
  2. Corrosion Resistance Coating
  3. Shielding
  4. Insulation
  5. High-temperature Resistance
  6. Chemical Resistance

The above features make their use in sensitive signal transmission in places with high electromagnetic interface, land, underwater, in extreme temperature conditions and more.



The flexibility that control wires offer, allow them to be used across automation and instrumental sections. Let’s delve into some of their key applications.

  • Power Distribution Sector
  • Multi-Functional Electrical Systems
  • Technical Devices and Components
  • Automated Systems
  • Systems installed with multiple inputs and outputs

At Jainson Cables, We have been supplying control cables to various sectors for over 4 decades. These industries usually require control wires for electrical, digital, electronic and technical sectors. We understand that every industry has its own requirements and for this, we provide tailored solutions.


Technical Specifications

The technical specification of these wires depends on its area of application. However, it comes in a common specification until customised.

  1. Voltage Specifications- 300V to 600V
  2. Gauge- Different sizes starting from 28 AWG to 2 AWG
  3. Temperature Limits- It can withstand upto 900 C

When you customise your control cable with us, our expert staff understands your requirements and application. Based on your industrial and commercial needs, we suggest you the best control cables along with a few options. You can rest assured about the quality of our products as we adhere to stringent quality standards.


Advantages of Jainson Control Cables

The several benefits associated with the use of our cable are stated below:

  1. To transmit motion from one location to another, consider the car’s accelerator pedal as a prime example of a control cable. This cable effectively conveys the pedal’s motion to the engine, subsequently leading to an acceleration in the car’s speed.
  2. Minimise the risk of damage in the long run, in turn helping you save time and money.
  3. UV resistance materials used to prevent damage to the wires even when exposed to sunlight for a long time.
  4. Guaranteed smooth and precise motion with zero slack.


Why should you choose Jainson Control Cables?

Control cables are known to play a crucial role in the effective operations of engineered mechanisms. When looking out and analysing which control cable to buy, it’s important to look at the brand credibility and the cables’ certifications. Why so? Well, certifications ensure strict adherence to superior quality standards, which is assured via tests. This helps in avoiding potential threats like short circuits, fire hazards or other electrical accidents.

If you’re seeking a reputable control cable manufacturer, purchasing from a trusted source and is known for designing premium-grade cables that adhere to rigorous standards and regulations. These cables are constructed from top-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance requirements.


Have specific requirements? Don’t worry; Jainson Cables do provide custom solutions!

Well, different industries have different wiring requirements and we understand that. When you come to us, our experts listen to your requirements patiently understanding the application of the control wire. Based on your requirements, we suggest options and even customise the wire for specific applications. In our advanced manufacturing unit, we use industry-standard tools and technology, which allows us a quick turnaround time.