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The Best Crypto News Websites in 2023

Finding relevant material used to be easy because there was such a tiny pool of content available on cryptocurrency when it was still a niche issue. However, individuals now discuss it at the lunch table, put their bank account amount on the refrigerator, and produce hundreds of NFTs.

As the market expands and more content is added to the mix, readers find themselves spending more time determining which sources are more reliable than they do actually consuming the information. Below are 10 of the best news websites and blogs on cryptocurrency by Coinwire, in no particular order.


Crypto Daily

Nowadays, impartial news is hard to come by, but Crypto Daily delivers it in spades. The website discusses a variety of topics, but is mostly focused on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other well-known cryptocurrencies.

There is also a little bit of information on NFT and metaverse news. With the help of the breaking news section, you can stay current with events. A variety of topics are frequently covered in this area.



Price charts, market capitalization (thus the name), and transaction volumes are the three main components of the market analysis that this website primarily focuses on. Both daily and historical trade volumes are available. You get access to information like historical highs and lows and coins now in circulation.

For customers to readily understand what is popular and what is not, CoinMarketCap also offers ICO tracking for fresh and popular cryptocurrencies and tokens. There is news and other material, but it is an expansion of the information already provided.


Daily Coin

Daily Coin delivers news in a worldwide manner. The majority of their content is international and covers cryptocurrency developments all around the world. You will be exposed to a variety of colorful voices and viewpoints thanks to the platform’s broad community of authors.

Daily Coin covers Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies while outlining how to get started with them. If you travel frequently, you might also want to go over the section on laws and international rules.




From technology to economics to gaming and even some off-kilter chats, Forbes covers a wide range of subjects. The website’s cryptocurrency area is smaller than the entirety of the majority of other sites.

The tips and techniques offered in so many of their articles are maybe this site’s biggest feature. Interviewing subject-matter experts, Forbes describes the results in clear words. If you want to understand more about cryptocurrency, we advise you to check it out.



The CoinTelegraph articles about blockchain and cryptocurrencies are excellent. The essays are well-written and educational. There is a sizable writing staff at work, but gradually certain of the names will start to appear more frequently than others.

The comic strip visual style is one of CoinTelegraph’s most intriguing characteristics. No of the topic, each article has a cheery and vibrant banner. 



At NewsBTC, as the name suggests, you may get a ton of news on bitcoin. The website also reports on events related to popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Altcoin, and many more. 

Additionally, you’ll see a lot of editorials and forecasts on the performance of bitcoin and Ethereum. The wording in these articles may be a little difficult for novices because it was created with experienced traders in mind. NewsBTC also does a ton of expert interviews where they offer advice and viewpoints, which is nice.



For the avoidance of doubt, this is not a branch of the Quora-like peer-to-peer question-and-answer website. CoinQuora contains all the information you need about cryptocurrencies.You may need to go through a significant number of articles to find all the useful tips for novices here.

The layout is a little overwhelming, but there are some really intriguing parts, including Predictions, where the authors provide their predictions for how different coins will perform in the future.

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In contrast to CoinQuora, CCN is a simple and stylish blog that covers a range of crypto-related subjects like bitcoin, blockchain technology, and important industry events. If you desire simple designs with accurate news, this website is for you. 

There are other news articles in politics and sports if you want to take a brief break from cryptocurrency. The good thing is that many of these topics relate to cryptocurrencies, so you won’t have to travel very far.



Similar to Forbes, CoinDesk covers a wide range of subjects, the majority of which are related to business and technology. Regardless of the title, most publications mention cryptocurrencies in some way.

Under the Education area, beginners can discover several articles that will be beneficial. Additionally, there are interviews and opinion pieces organized on one large main page. If you’re a huge listener, CoinDesk offers a special podcast that covers the most recent developments in cryptocurrencies.