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The Rise of Online Trading: Best Investment Apps for Beginners


Online trading has triggered drastic changes in the financial scene and such changes have affected beginner investors much more than they did to the experienced ones. New investment apps have made it possible for people to trade in stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrency and removed those barriers of entry that had become too costly. This article dives further into the rise of Internet shopping and points out to the best investment apps for beginners.


The Evolution of Online Trading:

It is generally understood that financial markets were for rich people at some point in time which made it necessary to have enough capital, a proper comprehension of market dynamics, and a broker’s assistant if need be. Nevertheless, with the advent of online trade sites, such barriers have collapsed making investments easier for broad people. Technology has been an integral part of this process, helping create easy-to-use interfaces, learning sources, and trading abilities at will, from any location.

One main factor that has contributed to the democratization of mobile apps. Smartphones are now part of people’s lives while investment apps are necessary components in portfolio management on the move. This newly acquired inclusiveness has drawn in a large number of amateurs including fresh investors looking for an opportunity to participate in the complicated universe of financial affairs. Various trading apps for beginners can be used.


Best Investment Apps for Beginners:

1. Robinhood:

  • Robinhood is the first platform that allows traders to trade commission-free stocks, ETFs, options, and crypto with a zero transaction fee.

  • The simple interface and ease of use design make it a good pick for starters. In addition, it has learning aids that are aimed at improving user’s understanding of market fluctuations and how to trade successfully.

2. Acorns:

  • Unlike mainstream investment outlets, acorns use the spare change collected from transactions that have been rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. This automating investing model is suited for a novice, ready to invest in small sums.

  • It further provides educative content and differentiated portfolio choices according to one’s risk tolerance.

3. Webull:

  • Webull is a platform that accommodates beginner and seasoned traders by giving them free access to buy stocks, ETFs, and options. They are also popular due to their sophisticated charting capabilities, which suit individuals who wish to explore technical analysis further.

  • This app provides the added advantage of extended trading hours for ease in the execution of more trades.


  • Over decades, E-TRADE has been a leading force in electronic trading. This provides numerous options, although it comes with an easy-to-use interface which makes it possible for beginners too.

  • Some common examples of such investments in E-TRADE include stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The site includes educational materials and convenient research utilities aimed at making users wiser in decision-making.

5. Wealthfront:

  • The wealth front is a personalized, risk-based approach to the automation of investments directed toward individual financial objectives. These setup and walk-away procedures fit to a tee for a novice.

  • The balancing of portfolios and tax optimization allows people who are new to investing to take advantage of this app quite easily.

6. TD Ameritrade:

  • TD Ameritrade is a full investment portfolio that suits experienced as well as beginner investors. It also boasts of different investments that include stock, bond ETFs, funds, REITs, and options among others.

  • The advanced charting and analysis made Thinkorswim’s option distinct. Indeed, this app may not be as strong compared to other beginner-friendly apps but there is educational information available to help you navigate through the function of this platform.

7. Stash:

  • Stash makes Investing easy especially for beginners. Through this app, investors can invest as low as $5, and among other themes, there are Stash Invests, which are curated portfolios based on one’s special interest or goal.

  • Stash has educational content to enhance the investment awareness of its customers too.

8. M1 Finance:

  • M1 Finance is the perfect blend of automated and customized investing. Users may set up portfolios by themselves or select an expert portfolio called “Pies”. This way, the system will balance the portfolio to retain a correct asset allocation.

  • Similarly, M1 Finance allows investors to purchase fractional shares thus making it possible for users to acquire portions of expensive stocks using smaller amounts of capital.

9. Ally Invest:

  • Ally Invest is famous due to its simple approach to online trading. It is a free-trading app for stocks and EFTS suitable for inexperienced traders. Secondly, Ally Invest offers a straightforward interface which makes trading easier.

  • The app is highly compatible with all of Ally’s financial products and presents users with an efficient way of managing their finances.

10. Fidelity:

  • Fidelity is a strong established broker platform that provides numerous investment choices as well as research facilities and lessons. Although it is used by investors of different classes, an intuitive interface makes it suitable for newbies.

  • Fidelity has introduced commission-free trades on stocks, ETFs, and options to offer a cheaper alternative. In addition, the platform has several different types of retirement or long-term investment accounts that can be used by an investor to build a balanced portfolio.


There is a need to give an example where beginning traders are now able to determine the financial future. User-friendly apps for startups in investing integrate e-learning, and modern functions to ease financials.

When starting, pick an app that conforms to what you want to achieve, how much risk are you prepared to take, and what degree of engagement. The choice between the commission-free simplicity offered by Robinhood, the automated approach of Acorns, and the advanced features of Webuil depends on investors’ choice due to their benefits to users.

In the end, the right investment app for you is the one that accords with your financial objectives, risk appetite, and desired participation level. While discovering these applications bear in mind that all investment has some risks and you may want to consult a financial expert on any important decision. With the proper app, everything relating to online trading is within touch and will lead to profitable adventure towards wealth creation.