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Top 10 AC Repair Services in Kolkata

Kolkata is known for its vibrant culture history and sweaty summer. While the temperature rising very high in hot months AC has become one of the most essential part of a person’s life who is living in Kolkata. But as every mAChine has its life, AC can also malfunction which can lead to inconvenience and discomfort. So to help the people of Kolkata we have made a list of top 10 AC repair services in Kolkata which will keep you cool in the city of Joy and happiness.

1- The first on the list as Ainam Service AC services. The Ainam Service AC services have a team of highly trained technicians which have knowledge about the latest tools and latest technologies. The Ainam Service AC services offer a wide range of services which includes AC installations repairs and their maintenance they have been in the market from years. Not only they offer AC services but they also offer Washing Machine repair, Refrigerator repair, Microwave Oven repair and more. Their address is Topsia, Kolkata, 700039 and you can Contact them at 8035426855.

2- The second list of AC repairing services in Kolkata is Choudhary Enterprises. They are located at Baghajatin, Kolkata, 700017. They are renowned and known for their customers and approach with comprehensive AC repair services their response time is quick and the pricing along with the after sales services are extraordinary. The Chowdhury Enterprises make sure that their customers are satisfied with their services. Their working hours is from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM and they have more than nine years of experience. Users can call Choudhury Enterprises on 9021119780.

3- The third on our list is Chauhan and Chauhan refrigeration. They are very highly rated AC repair service technicians in Kolkata. They focus more on their speed and their efficiency to work. Their technicians are highly skilled. Their working hours are from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM and they have more than 24 years of experience in repairing AC, refrigerator, washing machine and microwave ovens. The Chauhan and Chauhan refrigeration can be connected through 803-542-6921.

4- Roy refrigerator is on the 4th number in our list. They have highlighted and certified technicians who offer high top notch AC repairing services. They are located in Malancha Mahinagar, Kolkata, 700144. They offer effective services of AC at an affordable price. They offer their service from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and they have 23 yrs of experience in repairing the AC one can contACt them on 9021121872.

5- The next is Book My Services. Book My Services has been serving in Kolkata from around six years. They have gained loyal customer base through their reliable and very affordable prices. The working hours of Book My Services are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. They handle all kind of AC services and repairs with comprehensive maintenance packages to make it affordable for customers. You can contact them on 804-369-1813.

6- ESSKDEE Services are known for their experiences in handling high and AC repairing tasks. Their team of technicians are very skilled and they are capable of diagnosing and troubleshooting any problem in your air conditioner. They have more than 3 years of experience in this field and they offer their services during 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM. Not only the AC service they also offer services in cctv camera repair and maintenance and electricians.

7- Joy Guru Services is another AC repairs services providers in Kolkata wedges on the 7th number of our list. They are known for their ethical practices and prices that fits in budget. Their technicians are well known for repairing any kind of fault in AC and maintaining them. They have more than eight years of experience in serving AC services and they work from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM a person can contact them on 8069874314. They are located at Haltu, Kolkata, 70078.

8- Number eight on our list is World Cool AC repairing services. They offer wide range of services from AC installation to maintenance and their repair they work from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM and they have more than twenty four years of experience. They serve in AC repair and maintenance they are located at Kestopur Kolkata, 700101 and anyone can contact them on 804-369-1417.

9- Naskar cooling point is the second last AC repairing services in our list. They are situated at Salt Lake City, Kolkata, 700091. As their name suggests they have technicians with ample year of experience in AC repairing maintenance and AC service. They work from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM they have more than 13 yrs of experience in this field. One can contact them on 806-986-8360.

10- The last AC repairing services in Kolkata in our list is Varsi Enterprise AC Expert Service. They are located at Garden Ridge, Kolkata, 700024. They have technicians which are having experience in AC repairing and maintenance services they provide excellent services in affordable price. They have eight years of experience in this field and they work from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Their contact number is 901 113647



So these were the top 10 AC repairing services in Kolkata. They provide great services to their customers and having an customer centric approach. They have earned their place in this list due to their expertise, professionalism & customer centric approach. If you need an AC repair services then you can contact anyone of them above.