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Top 10 Adventure Places in India

In recent years, India has become a hub of adventure activities for those who want to experience the thrill and adrenaline rush in their life. Due to its vast size and diversity in landscape across the subcontinent, India offers adventurous activities in all the terrains. Whether it be trekking, paragliding, jungle safari, rafting, surfing or diving, India has them all at one place.

Here’s a list of Top 10 Adventurous Places in India one Should Explore:-

1) Ladakh

Who would even think of walking on a frozen river…well the Chadar Trek in Ladakh gives you that opportunity to do this adventurous walk. You’d be walking on the frozen Zanskar river for 8 days in sub-zero temperature on the ancient silk route which is still used by the locals of the upper Ladakh region to transport their supplies before the summer kicks in. It’ll be a trek filled with lots of surprises and adventure in it with sublime beauty embedded in it. And afterall, not everybody gets to walk on a frozen river and that too on the Golden Silk Route.


2) Kedarkantha

If walking on a frozen river is not enough for you, then what about climbing a peak scaling 12500ft in the Himalayas. Kedarkantha trek is one of the most popular summit treks in India around the trekkers. The reason being a thrilling snow adventure which even a beginner can go for and the sunrise at the summit will leave you mesmerized. It is a perfect combination of adventure with fun and simplicity as it offers its services even for families. A person with moderate fitness can easily complete the trek and gain the adventures that this trek has to offer.


3) Gulmarg

Kashmir is considered to be the heaven on Earth and why not, the serene beauty of the region will make anyone believe that he’s in heaven. But what if a bit of adventure is also added in it? Skiing in Gulmarg does exactly that. Not many know that you can learn and excel your skiing techniques on the gorgeous slopes of Gulmarg. Skiing in the laps of one of the most beautiful mountains in the world is a very different but thrilling idea. The chilly wind gushing by as you come down the slopes gives that adventurous feel that you’re looking for and makes every penny worth it.


4) Bir Billing

If you’ve ever wished to fly in the air like birds, this is the best place to make your dream come true. Bir Billing offers the world’s highest paragliding experience which definitely make your body fill with adrenaline. Gliding over the beautiful valleys and gorges of Himachal it’s a thrilling experience all together. If Redbull can’t give you wings this might surely do. It’s a popular hotspot for adventure seekers from round the world.

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5) Rishikesh

Want to Jump from a cliff or ride wild waters of a river? Rishikesh is an emerging adventurous destination in the country for those who are looking to experience some real good adventurous activities. White water rafting on the turbulent waters of holy river Ganga will leave you thrilled. The highest jumping point for Bungee jumping in India is in Rishikesh with a drop of 83m right at the top of Ganga river. It’s a full house during the season and pre bookings are needed to enjoy all these adventurous activities available out there.


6) Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett offers a wide variety of activities to do like camping, trekking, Elephant safari, Jeep Safari, river crossing and rock climbing. The carpet of sheer greenery with essence of enchanting flora and fauna makes it a perfect destination for those in the hunt of peaceful but adventurous places away from the hustle bustle of the cities. A trip for about 3-4 would be perfect for experiencing all the activities and for exploring the nearby places like Corbett Fall, Girjiya temple, Sitabani etc.


7) Mangalore

Surfing might not be as popular in India as in other foreign countries but in recent years it’s popularity has grown. Mangalore is the place where you can enjoy this adventurous sport. As there are hardships before any reward, the same goes with surfing as you’ll fall a number of times before finally getting it but those falls are themselves so fun that you’ll love it. It’s a 14 days course for beginners to learn surfing and goes on decreasing according to your level. If you’re in the region then Mangalore is the place to crash for surfing.


8) Dandeli

A small town in western Karnataka is famous for Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to a very rare species of Black Panther. Due to it’s versatile terrain, the town has grown in the category of adventure sports offering activities like Kayaking, jet skiing, river rafting and others available out there. It is becoming popular among teenagers and college students who are looking to do all these activities on a tight budget. It has many other attractions.


9) Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Off the Indian eastern coast of Bay of Bengal, lies a group of islands which seem isolated but are a complete package for fun and once in a lifetime experience. Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a paradise for those who love to experience life under water. Snorkeling and Scuba diving are the main attractions in the field of adventure sports there and offer the cleanest waters available anywhere near the Indian coast. It’s a fun experience to dive and swim with the sea creatures which we usually get to see only in the aquariums around the world.


10) Jaipur

Apart from it’s charming and awe-inspiring royal forts and lavish lifestyles of royal families, Jaipur is also famous for Hot Air Balloon rides. It’s a growing industry and is seeing a very good response from the travellers in recent years. Flying in a balloon hundreds of feets above the beautiful pink city of Jaipur is in itself some experience to flaunt about. Apart from the world famous tourist places in jaipur, this just adds a pinch of adventurous flavor to your Rajasthan trip.