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Top 10 Free Generative AI Courses From Google

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the world of technology and creativity. Google, a leading innovator in AI research and development, offers a range of free courses that provide in-depth insights into generative AI. Whether you’re a seasoned AI professional or a curious beginner, these courses can help you delve into the fascinating world of generative AI and obtain a generative AI certification. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 free generative AI courses from Google.

1. Deep Learning Specialization (Coursera)

Offered by Andrew Ng on Coursera, this specialization includes a comprehensive course on sequence models and generative adversarial networks (GANs). You’ll learn about the principles and applications of generative AI in the context of deep learning.

2. Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC)

Google’s Machine Learning Crash Course is an excellent starting point for beginners. It covers the fundamentals of machine learning, including generative AI concepts, in a beginner-friendly manner.

3. Introduction to TensorFlow for Deep Learning (Coursera)

Created by Google Cloud, this Coursera course provides hands-on experience with TensorFlow, one of the most popular deep learning frameworks. You’ll explore how to build and train generative AI models using TensorFlow.

4. Introduction to Machine Learning with PyTorch (Udacity)

While PyTorch is not a Google product, this course on Udacity offers valuable insights into PyTorch, a popular framework for generative AI research. You’ll gain practical experience in building and training generative models.

5. Google Cloud Training and Certification – Machine Learning Engineer

Google Cloud offers a certification program that covers various aspects of machine learning, including generative AI. While not a course in itself, this program includes hands-on labs and exercises to enhance your skills.

6. TensorFlow for Deep Learning (Udacity)

This Udacity course focuses on deep learning with TensorFlow. It covers the creation and training of generative models, enabling you to apply generative AI techniques to real-world projects.

7. Natural Language Processing (Coursera)

Google’s NLP Specialization on Coursera includes a course on Sequence Models. Although not entirely focused on generative AI, this course delves into sequence-to-sequence models that are integral to generative tasks like language translation and text generation.

8. Practical Deep Learning for Coders (

While not a Google course, offers a practical approach to deep learning and generative AI. Their lessons provide hands-on experience and insights into building generative models.

9. Google Developers – Machine Learning

Google Developers offers a wide range of resources, including tutorials, articles, and videos on machine learning and generative AI. Explore their content to gain valuable knowledge and insights.

10. Google AI – Machine Learning Research

Google AI’s official website features research papers, articles, and publications on various AI topics, including generative AI. Reading research papers can deepen your understanding of cutting-edge generative models.



Google’s commitment to advancing AI research and development is evident through its free courses and resources. These top 10 courses provide an excellent opportunity for individuals of all skill levels to explore and master the world of generative AI. Whether you’re interested in image generation, natural language processing, or other generative tasks, these courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills to excel in the field. So, dive in, embrace the world of generative AI, and unlock your creative potential.