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Top 10 Online Passive Income Ideas to Earn Extra Money

Did you know it’s possible to make money even while you’re asleep? This might sound like a dream come true. But they’re actually 10 online passive income ideas to earn extra money that you could use and make your dreams of having a second or even third income come true.

As a matter of fact, millions of people around the world are using these passive income ideas to earn extra money. And you could be one of them too. If this sounds interesting, continue reading. Because in this article, I will be discussing the best 10 online passive income ideas to earn extra money even while you sleep. Let’s start by understanding what exactly a passive income is.


Definition of Passive Income

In simple words, passive income means the money you earn without exerting extra efforts or doing something that’s very easy. Most wealthy people in the world became rich because they have several sources of passive income.

A passive income, in some cases, can also be defined as earning money by doing some activity that’s outside your regular work such as a job or business. Again, you needn’t work your guts out to make such money because in such cases, your money works for you.


10 Passive Income Ideas for Extra Income

Now that you know the two main definitions of a passive income, let’s explore various ways and means to get one and earn extra money. For some of these passive income ideas, you might have to do some minimal work outside your regular job. And others would involve only a one-off effort from you.

Invest in Stocks

Investing in stocks is the best way to earn a passive income and it’s one of the best investment ideas so far. All you need to do is open a Demat and Trading account with any leading stockbroker in India and start investing small amounts of money. The cheapest Demat and Trading account in India will cost you just Rs.300 per year. In some cases, you could also get a Demat and Trading account free for lifetime, with just a one-off payment.

It doesn’t need much money to invest in stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in India. You could start with even a small budget of Rs.100 and buy a few shares of a smaller organization that’s listed on the Indian stock exchanges. Despite occasional ups and downs, your money continues to grow as the price of your stocks starts gaining.


Buy Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are yet another superb way to make money as a passive income. There Are nearly 40 Asset Management Companies (AMCs) in India that offer a slew of Mutual Funds in which you can invest. And there’s a wide variety of Mutual Funds in which you can invest, according to your appetite for risk.

You don’t require a Demat and Trading account to buy Mutual Funds. Instead, you can buy them directly from the AMC, even without the need of a broker. Nowadays, the Indian government and Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI) are encouraging people to invest in Mutual Funds. There Are two ways to buy Mutual Funds- one is from the secondary market and other is during New Fund Offers (NFOs).



If you’ve superb writing skills and can write amazing, interesting and relevant articles on some topic that you know best, open a blog. Nowadays, blogging has also become a major way to earn money on the side. There Are several ways to earn money from a blog as passive income. One is through Google AdSense.

The other is through accepting sponsored posts and the third by selling ad space on your blog site. Opening a blog in India costs less than Rs.3,000 per year. And a good blog also helps you in personal branding. It can also prove beneficial to your career.



You can also become a good YouTuber and start making money as a passive income. It’s possible to open a free channel on YouTube. Create amazing videos and upload them on YouTube for people to watch. Once you have a specific number of subscribers to your channel, you can subscribe to Google AdSense and start making money. This means, Google will display ads on your videos. And when someone watches the full ad or clicks on these ads, you make some money.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means selling products on behalf of someone else. Amazon, the single-largest online retailer in the world runs a fantastic affiliate marketing program called Amazon Associates. You can sign up free for this program and become an affiliate marketer for Amazon. You can provide links to products on Amazon through your blog or social media pages. When people click on these links and make a purchase, you get some money. There’re several other online retailers that also offer affiliate marketing programs and you can join as many as you like to earn a passive income. If you want to earn more as a publisher and affiliate, joining a SaaS affiliate program is the next thing to do. With SaaS products becoming more popular than ever, being a SaaS affiliate will make you part of the growing industry



Dropshipping means buying products from a wholesaler or manufacturer and selling it from your website or social media pages. The supplier pays for the shipping. All you need to do is get the orders. Dropshipping is a new online business in India and hence, you won’t find many competitors here. Study more about dropshipping from any superb online resource. All it needs is a good website from where you will sell your dropshipping products and software to do other tasks such as order tracking, deduction of your commissions and generating invoices.



If you’re living in a large city or in some area with lots of tourist attractions, it’s possible to make money by renting out a part of your house through Airbnb. There’re lots of travelers that prefer to live in private accommodations instead of hotels. You can sign up as a host on Airbnb and upload pictures of the room or part of the house you intend to lease out on a short-term basis to guests. This is an excellent way to earn money as a side income because it doesn’t involve much effort on your part.


Invest on Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are rapidly emerging as one of the favorite ways of investing among Indians. Especially since the Indian government seems to have relaxed its earlier strict rules over trading in cryptos such as the Bitcoin. You can make a lot of money as passive income by investing small amounts on cryptos. Instead of buying a full Bitcoin, you could buy fractions of this popular crypto called Satoshi. The rates of Bitcoin are always on the upswing so your investment gains value over a period of time.


Rent Your Extra House

If you’re among those lucky Indians to have more than one house, you can earn a passive income by renting out one of these. And this is possible online too. There Are several superb websites that list houses for rent. You have to register on these websites and list your property. Upload some superb pictures, write a brief description and await calls from prospective tenants for your house.


Invest on Gold

Gold is something that Indians love. And investing on gold is one of the wisest things you could do for a passive income. That’s because the prices of gold are always rising. There Are four distinct ways to invest in gold. One is by buying 24-carat gold directly from the market. The other is by investing on Mutual Funds that deal in gold stocks. The third is buying gold ETFs and the fourth, buying Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs) offered by the Indian government.


In Conclusion

You could use all or some of these money-making ideas to earn a passive income through online resources. Millions of people are already earning money in these ways and you could be one among them too. All these 10 ways to earn a passive income are legit, time-tested and proven and hence, you can use them safely.