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Top 10 Young Black Actors Under 30 in 2023

Top 10 Young Black Actors Under 30 in 2023

The world of cinema has witnessed a powerful bulk of talent with young black actors with aged under 30. They have made their waves and challenges to uplift their career. These rising young adult stars are not only bringing their exceptional acting skills but also breaking down the barriers of acting. In this article we will be highlighting some of the best young black actors under the age of 30 . We have tried to cover all the young black male actors in our list which are black actors under 30.

Let’s see the list of black male actors under the age of 30:

1)- Jayden Smith

Jayden smith is an american actor,a dancer, songwrier and a rapper. He has started his career in acting industry in 2006 with the movie the pursuit of happiness.

He was also a star actor in the Karate Kid movie which was released in 2010 and after Earth which was released in 2013. He was born in 8th July 1998 in California his parents are Will Smith and Jada Smith .

He is 5 feet tall and his body weight is 65KG. His eye & his hair is dark down. His net worth is worth $10 million.

2)- Byshere Yazuan Gray

Byshere Yazuan Gray is an American actor and a rapper who is well known for his acting in the New Edition Story as a Hakeem Lyon and Michael Bivins. He got graduatedfrom Overbrook High School. Some of his nicknames are Yazz & Yazz the greatest. Sometimes has also gets mistaken for the British Singer Yazz.

He was born on 28th November 1993 in the Pennsylvania in USA. As of today he is not in a relationship with anyone. His height is 5’7” and his weight is 71 kg. His eye colour is brown and his hair are of black colour. As of today his net worth is $2 million.

3)- Zendaya Coleman

Zendaya’s full name is Zendaya Maree Stoemer Coleman, she is one of the most well known actress under the age of 30. She has also won Emmy Award. She has been in Shake It Up show ( 2010 – 2013 ) and KC Undercover (2015-2018). She made debut on hollywood film Spider Man in 2017’s Homecoming, Far From Home and No Way Home.

She was also introduced in Time’s magazine under the list of 100 most influential people all around the world in the year 2022.

4)- Caleb McLaughlin

He was born in 2001, October 13. He is well known for his acting on widely popular Netflix series Stranger Things ( 2016 – Present ). He launched his career with The Lion King, McLaughlin and many more minor television roles.

He made his debut on hollywood movie with High Flying Bird which was released on 2019 and Cowboy which was released in 2020. He has also starred in The New Edition Story and many more television projects which are – Law & Order etc.

He was also recognised in the category of Hollywood and Entertainment in the Forbes Magazine under 30, in 2021.

5)- Jordan Fisher

Jordan Fisher is an 28 year old young black actor. Apart from acting he is also indulged in Singer, Dancer, Musician and a Gamer. He does music genres such as POP, Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop also.

He was born on 24 April 1994 in Alabama in USA. His parents are Pat & Rodney Fisher. Rodney Dale abd Patrika L. are his grand parents. He got married on 22 November 2020 ith Ellie Woods.

6)- John Boyega

The John Boyga original name as John Adidio Adequa he is an latest Nazi actor who is well known for his acting in Star Wars episode 7 the force awakens as a role of fin it was launched in year 2015 the attack the blog was first release which has got him a great recognition in the USA it was released in 2011 john was born on 12th of March 1992 in London UK his parents are Abigail Boiga and Samsung Goa he is 5 foot 9 install and his body weight is 87 kg his ins here is black in colour as of 2022 his net worth is $10 million.

7)- Mizero Ncuti Gatwa

Mizero Ncuti Gatwa is a Scottish actor who got fame from the Netflix series named Sex Education. It is a comedy drama series and was launched on 2019 – present. Mizero Ncuti Gatwa was born on 15th october 1992 at Rwanda. He has also got the BAFTA Scotland Award for the best actor in TV. He also got 2 more nominations for the BAFTA TV Awards for the category of Best Male Comedy Performance.

He is 5’7” tall in height and has a body weight of 70 kg. His eye and hairs are black in clour. As of 2023 his net worth is $10 Million.

8)- Keith Powers

Keith Powers is an American actor and a model who has acted in House Party: Tonight’s The Night, Asterisk, The New Eition Story and much more. Some of his other works includes Pretty Little Liars, Sin City Saints & Faking it, Fear the walking dead etc.

Keith Powers was born on 22 August in 1992 at California, USA. His parents are Keith Powers Sr. & Jennifer Clark. He is 6’2” tall and his bodyweight is 83 kg. His eyes are Dark Brown in colour and his hairs are black in colour. His networth is $1 million.

9)- Trevor Jackson

Trevor Jackson is an 26 years old American Actor, Rapper, Singer, Director, Songwriter and Dancer. Trevor Jackson is known for his acting skills in Grown-ish as a Aaron Jackson and Kevin Blake in Eureka in a Si-Fi series. He was born on 30th august in 1996 at Indiana, USA. The name of his parents are Cam Baxter and Kevin Jackson. His brother’s name is Ian Jackson.

He is 6’2” tall and his bodyweight is 72 kg. The colour of his eyes is Dark Brown and the colour of his hair is Black. His networth is worth $2 million.

10)- Tyler James Williams

The last on the list is the Tyler James Williams. He is an 30 years old American actor who is also a Rapper. He also acted in Cyrus DeBarge in the Let it Shine movie which came on Disney Channel. He also played the role of Noah on the webseries The Walking Dead.

He is 5’8” tall and his bodyweight is 76 kg. His eyes are dark brown in colour and his hairs are Black in colour. His net worth is $5 million.