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Vegan Salads that Taste Amazing

There are countless methods to prepare a tasty salad, but our favourites are the ones that are stuffed with flavour and make you feel full. Are you looking for some ideas for your next salad meal? Take some ideas from these delicious vegan salad dressing recipes that are quick to prepare, nutritious, and full for hours. Vegan salad recipes undoubtedly highlight eating greens whether as snacks or as a side food with any meal is always a good idea. So, enjoy browsing through this selection of the greatest vegan salad recipes.

1)- Asian Cucumber and Pomegranate Salad

Ingredients: 1 cucumber, green chilies as per your preference, coriander leaves for garnishing, boiled chana dal, roasted peanuts, cumin powder, black pepper, pink and black salt,  chaat masala, lemon juice, and two pomegranates.

Process: The process of making such a tasty salad involves only chopping, cutting, and mixing up the ingredients. In a bowl, add chopped cucumber, green chilies, boiled chana dal, roasted peanuts, and give them a good shake. After that, add salt, cumin powder, black pepper, pinks & black salt & chaat masala as per your taste and consumption. You can round up with a kachi ghani mustard oil dressing for salad. 

Now it’s time for the pomegranate to join the salad. Once again mix the salad entirely with the help of a spatula or spoon after adding pomegranate seeds. Now add some lemon juice with coriander kept aside for garnishing. Your salad is ready to serve.


2)- Sweet Potato Coriander Salad

Ingredients: Sweet potato, olive oil, chili powder, sea salt, black pepper, fresh coriander, sesame seeds, Kale, and lemon.

Process: You can either boil sweet potatoes or roast them. Just to make sure they’re perfectly cooked. Cut them into small cubes. Now it’s time to add olive oil and sesame seeds. Blend the salad with all the spices and sea salt. Gently add Kale and garnish the salad with some lemon juice. Another way to make this salad healthier is to use rice bran oil as homemade salad dressing. And guess what? It’s done but why limit the ingredients and taste? You can also opt for other salad dressing ideas from the web or even from your creativity.

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Simply a health blast on a plate with amazing health benefits, these vegan salad recipes will surely make your day and keep your stomach happy. Moreover, the process of making these salads is very easy yet interesting and vibrant. Try to add them to your day-to-day diet with any meal or at snack time and see the difference.