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How to Choose Smoker for Cold Weather?

How to Choose Smoker for Cold Weather?

You can never forget the warmth of smoked BBQ in the winter season. Smoked meat will make your winter amazing. If you are a true enthusiast of BBQ, explore the best smoker for cold weather with us. Today we are going to find smokers suitable for the winter season.


Features of Smoker for Cold Weather

When the temperature goes down and the winter’s wafts start blowing,  the best smoker for cold weather is your need.  You will need a complete guide when you start your search for a smoker. Here are some features described for your ease of buying.



The best smoker for cold weather must contain amazing insulation. The smoker must be insulated completely from all sides. Insulation will help the smoker to retain its temperature. It stops the heat loss from the smoker. Insulated smokers should be the best smokers for the winter season.


Tight Seal

The winter smoker should be tightly sealed so the heat doesn’t escape from the smoker. The vents and door should be sealed tight so the cold air couldn’t enter inside the smoker. Cold air can disturb the temperature of the smoker and this can also affect the food.


Sturdy Construction

The robust construction of the smoker is a must in the winter season. Smokers should be of high-quality material. The smoker’s material should be of stainless steel or heavy gauge steel. This type of material guarantees the best results for the smoker. The sturdy construction ensures longevity in the life of the offset smoker.


Enough Cooking Space

The smoker should have enough space so that you can cook extra food at the same time. Finding a smoker with a wide space in the cooking section takes a lot of work. But once you find one, you will always thank yourself for this.


Coherent Temperature Control

Having a smoker with efficient temperature control is difficult in winter. Find a smoker who has the best temperature control system. It will help you at the time of smoking. Try to get a smoker with fixed temperature probes like PID controllers.


Winds Resistant Design

Often the winters have many cold winds with them. To protect your smoker from these extremely cold winds, try to get a wind-resistant design. Smokers must have windbreakers that will protect the cooking chamber from frosty winds.


Versatile in Fuel

Smokers should have the versatility of fuel options. You could use more than one type of fuel in the smoker. Wood, charcoal, wood chips, wood pellets and whatever fuel you want, you can use. This variety of fuel makes you feel wider that you have more than one option for fuel.


Easy to Clean

The best smoker for cold weather must have the ability of easy to clean. In winter, the cleaning of a smoker is not an easy task. Then the smoker should be easy to clean so you don’t have any difficulty while cleaning.


Best offset smoker- choose one that suits you

Kamado Joe Classic II

This outclass smoker is going to be your best friend in winter. It has a great range of temperatures from 225 to 750 degrees. This means you can enjoy a delicious brisket in December and January. You will experience great smoking with this Kamado Joe Classic II.


  • Heat control
  • Vast range of temperature
  • Sealed tight
  • Wide space in the cooking chamber



  • High in price
  • Hard to move
  • Heavy


Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

This smoker is your whole year’s best smoker. You can cook with this smoker in any season of the year. Its bullet shape makes every BBQ enthusiast fall in love with it. Because of the vertical design, it has the best temperature control system.


  • Affordable for the BBQ lovers
  • Great temperature control
  • Available in various designs



  • No enough space
  • No versatility
  • No grilling option



Enjoy smoking the meat in winter with your best offset smoker. When winter starts the snowflakes trigger your heart. Make it more aesthetic by smoking a BBQ in your backyard. Experience an eye-catching moment with your favourite ones. With the best smoker for cold weather, you will never regret this unique moment with a delicious meal. If you want to learn more about this, you can visit BBQ Smoker Pro. you will find more content on every topic you want to read.