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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of SAAS

Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) Is a kind of cloud computing model which aims in providing software applications and services over the Internet to the businesses. As we all know that everything in this world has some disadvantages and advantages. When it comes to SAAS there are few advantages and few disadvantages. So in this article we will explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of SAAS which will help you to make an informed decision if you are thinking of integrating this software in your business operation.

But first let’s know about software as a service (SAAS) in detail. In other words we can say that software as a service or SAAS is a software kind of model in which a cloud provider hosts some application or software and make them available to users over the Internet. In this business model some independent software vendors or some companies can also contact the 3rd party cloud provider to host the software service or application and making them available to end users. It can be used by a normal person and a company but majorly it is used in a company. Some of the common example of SAAS or software as a service is Dropbox, Google Workspace, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and many more, the list is endless.

Now that we know the meaning of sass let’s discuss some advantages of saas.

1- It is Cost-Effective

The first and major advantage of SAAS is that it is cost effective. Instead of purchasing some licenses and services of softwares with addition to purchasing expensive infrastructures, companies can subscribe to this as model or SAAS software on pay as you work mode. This help the businesses to run more efficiently.

2- It can be deployed easily

SAAS can be deployed easily as it works in cloud. This SAAS software application can be easily accessed from a web browser. This eliminates the unnecessary need of installing the complex applications in the system. Businesses can also easily adjust their subscription model on the basis of their needs. This also makes it easier for companies to work more effectively and efficiently.

3- Accessibility

As the SAAS software or application can be accessed very easily over the Internet, users can access the software anytime and from anywhere. They just need a device with an stable Internet connection. This will increase the remote work while also enhancing the collaboration among people and co workers, which will need to increase productivity.

4- Updates

This SAAS service providers always take care of the software. These updates allow the user to have access to latest features. As they have made a website, this saves effort and time of user, as they don’t have to update the software manually

5- Accessibility is Easy

SAAS software just needs an Internet connection to run applications are can be accessed globally from all around the world. This will make the working of businesses easier to operate internationally across the globe.


Let’s see some disadvantages of SAAS

1- Increasing the dependency on Internet

As the SAAS application or software can only be used with stable Internet connection the dependency on Internet connection has increased. In any case when the Internet is not accessible or Internet moves down, the work will completely stop. It is one of the main drawback of SAAS software especially in those regions of city or rural area where the Internet is limited or not reliable.

It also increases the dependability on the services provider, if they experience some down time or other issue it will directly impact the company’s ability to work daily and much more.

2- Risk of data breach

When using the software as a service (SAAS), the data of any company is at risk, as the businesses upload their sensitive data to third party SAAS provider. However the reputable SAAS companies always prioritize in the data security of their clients.

3- Little or no customization and control

This SAAS service or application that is designed for mass, this often results in limited customization over the website. It is very hard for businesses to software according to their needs so this is the third disadvantage of SAAS.

4- Portability of data

When migrating the data from one SAAS provider to another , it can be really challenging for businesses. Thus it will consume more time and the ability of a company to work.



So these were some of the advantages and disadvantages of SAAS. You can read each and every advantage and disadvantage of using SAAS software. Many websites such as Netflix, Amazon, Dropbox, Google are some example of SAAS. You can use SAAS if you are business owner or a normal person. So make sure to use this SAAS software efficiently and effectively to increase the working of your organization and you can save a lot of time.