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What are the Best Corporate Gifts?

In a marketing or promotional activity, people will choose to spread advertisements on social media, using official websites or brochures. However, another way to increase sales opportunities is by giving out corporate gifts or souvenirs. In this case, we are not talking about gift items with beautiful shapes, such as weddings, anniversaries etc. The reason is, this type of promotional souvenir does not only focus on its form and use. Still, it must be able to fulfill the primary purpose of branding or marketing itself.


Why Give Corporate Gifts?

The purpose of marketing activity is to introduce a company or business that is being run in smaller communities or is just started. Besides that, it is also a means of introducing products or services to the larger community. Usually, some companies will distribute small souvenirs at certain events, for example, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, or meetings. Not everyone will be given these items for free. A few are offered, such as meeting participants, clients or business partners, or even holding a small quiz with souvenirs as gifts. It is one of the best promotional ways to attract many people to use the product. If advertisements and pamphlets are just notifications, then people can use them directly by means of souvenirs. Moreover, if there is a company-specific image or logo, other people will never forget the information.

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Apart from company promotion, giving corporate gifts can also be a way to reward and encourage employees, for example, on having a birthday, getting a promotion, selecting outstanding employees, or graduating college. For instance, companies can give an agenda set that has the employee’s name on it to become memorable. Making a promotional souvenir for business certainly cannot be done carelessly. Before ordering, make sure that the goods meet specific standards and quality so that the primary purpose can be adequately conveyed.

The Characteristics of a Good Type of Souvenir are:

  1. Not only attractive but also useful so that it can be used by those who receive it. For example, pens, plates, cutlery, cups or mugs, flash drives, and small bags.
  2. Include the company’s identity or business to introduce your company to a larger community. You can make a unique design on the outside, such as a logo, brand, or company contacts.
  3. Make it with the best materials so that it is durable and not easily damaged.


Benefit of Corporate Gifts

In general, a souvenir is a unique item for the purpose of being a memento. In order to make it easier to remember and memorable, various models are made, ranging from types of pictorial glasses, key chains, wooden fans, cutlery, bags, and so on. However, you can’t make it carelessly if the function turns into a promotional souvenir. It is not only beautiful, engaging, and unforgettable, but it can also convey the meaning of the business activity itself, namely branding or offering a particular product, both goods, and services.

There have also been many certain companies and businesses that use souvenir items as a medium for product branding. The benefits and advantages are as follows:

  1. Attract the interest and attention of the larger community so that they want to buy products or use the company’s services.
  2. Facilitate the running of business activities, especially with clients or partners by giving these souvenirs.
  3. As an encouraging gift to employees, everyone would be happy when receiving a gift. Companies can provide gifts to outstanding employees, employee years of service, or as gifts for birthdays/holidays.
  4. Promotion and branding of the company in an artistic manner


Tips for Choosing Company Souvenirs

Choosing souvenirs is not easy because there are many things that must be considered—starting from the primary function, budget to unique and attractive designs. However, the number of souvenirs available often makes you feel confused, what kind of souvenirs should be chosen. To make it easier for you to choose the right type of souvenir, it is better if you pay attention to the following things;

1. Your Company or Business Type

Before choosing the right type of souvenir, you need to pay attention to the company or business type you are currently running. If you are running a food business, you can use cutlery as gifts to make people easy to remember.


2. The Function

Make sure to choose the type of souvenir that is suitable for customers or employees. The gifts you provide as promotional media will be used more often, and of course, can make your promotional activities run more optimal.


3. Pay Attention to Target Consumers

Next is to choose the right type of souvenir based on target consumers. To whom will you share promotional souvenirs for this company later? Of course, if you do a product launch that officials attend, you may not give the same souvenirs when you are promoting to a campus or shopping centre. After determining the target consumer and the type of gifts to be used, the next step is to make sure the company’s name, logo, and other related things are appropriately printed on the souvenir.


4. Determine the Budget Appropriately

The last is to determine the required budget. For this, you can pay attention to the price of souvenir products per piece, then adjust it according to the number of products you want to order. Knowing this makes you know the total budget that should be spent. Choosing the right company souvenir products, of course, makes you not over budgeting.


Corporate Gift Ideas

1- Agenda

When you attend seminars or workshops, you often get souvenirs in the form of agenda books. The front page of the agenda book usually has a company logo with a distinctive design. To make the overall design more attractive, the pages inside can be given unique images or patterns.

The agenda is beneficial for students. They could use this book to record activities, important matters, as well as reminders of certain appointments. In the midst of today’s advancement in technology, many people still like to handwrite their agenda books because they are easy to carry.


2- Pen

In addition to the agenda, a very common souvenir given by companies is a pen. But, it should not be just an ordinary pen, instead a pen with a unique design to display the company logo.

Pens are usually obtained after attending seminars, meetings, and other office events. The function of this souvenir is of course to introduce the company to the community and the various kinds of products they sell. Despite its small size, pens are handy and needed.


3- USB Flash Disk

Flash disks are very useful, especially for workers who are obliged to store important data that can be taken anywhere. It is not surprising that many companies now use flash disks as souvenirs as well as their promotional media.

The more often the flash is used, the more often someone will see and remember the brand of the company or product they issue. Flash disk itself is usually given as a seminar or training gift from the company.


4- Tumbler

Office souvenirs in the form of drinking glasses and tumblers are very common. And it is also beneficial. Just add a company logo or a certain product, be a beautiful souvenir that can be shared with anyone.

Unlike the previous souvenirs, which tend to be aimed at specific groups, tumblers are more general. Anyone will need a container to carry their water on the go. Really a unique promotion tool, right?


5- Umbrella

Many companies choose umbrellas as merchandise or as gifts to their employees or customers. Umbrellas are handy, especially when the rainy season arrives. Besides that, the size can also be adjusted according to your needs.

Providing an umbrella as corporate gifts is not something new. Even though the required budget is relatively high, providing an umbrella can be a form of company attention to their employees and customers.


6- Snack

Want to try something unique and not redundant? You can make red food like chocolate to be a gift. Give the employee a chocolate bouquet for his birthday, he will surely be happy. Gift delivery Singapore provides a large selection of chocolate bouquets that can be delivered to your employees or clients’ addresses anywhere around the globe.


7- Clock

A clock can also be your choice as a company souvenir. You can provide a clock for your desk or a wall clock. Although the cost is quite high, it will be worth the usefulness and promotion you get.


8- Mug

Can also be a choice of souvenirs given to event participants. As equipment that is used every day, a mug is definitely needed by anyone. If the design is attractive, the recipient of the souvenir will be pleased.


9- Fan

A fan becomes a medium that can be an alternative for corporate promotional activities. The type of fan in question is a hand fan that is lightweight and can be taken anywhere. Not only as a tool to generate wind, but fans are a promotional medium that can be used at company events. Make a fan shape that is more practical and easy to carry.


10- Spunbond Bag

Another medium that can be used for company branding activities is bags. This promotional media has very many uses. Apart from being a tool for storing goods, bags can be an effective promotional medium. At certain company events, this frequently used promotional bag is made of various types and various materials. Promotional bag materials that are widely used at affordable prices include goodie bags made of spun bond, flexi, calico, canvas, and furring. Goodie bag is one type of promotional bag that is popular because it is convenient and can contain a lot of items.

These are our tips for choosing corporate gifts. Don’t forget to select a vendor who can complete the work according to the set deadlines and has high quality standards. A large budget does not always influence the success of a promotional program. The most important thing is that we can choose the right corporate souvenir for the right target market.