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What Does Oversized Mean in Clothing?

Gone are the days of slim fit and snugly fit clothes. As the ’90s fashion trends draw in, the biggest comeback has been made by oversized clothing. Oversized looks are being tried by one and all. Starting from celebrities to models and Instagram influencers, everybody is turning their glam games on with the newly resurfaced oversized fashion. So, let’s talk about what exactly oversized means in clothing.

If you think you can simply buy bigger-sized clothes to create oversized fashion looks, you’re off the wrong path. Oversized fashion does not mean buying bigger clothes that slide off your body and make you uncomfortable. The main motto of oversized clothing is comfort. Oversized clothing refers to clothes which are oversized but fit the body perfectly.


For instance, an oversized T-shirt for men and women is supposed to be square, fit loosely across the body and yet fit the neck and shoulders perfectly. The same works with oversized trousers and denim as well. Oversized pants can have a loose fit throughout but must have the perfect fit at the waist so that the pant does not slide off.


One of the best brands for oversized clothing is Urban Monkey. Urban Monkey has an exclusive collection of oversized clothing which are chic and extremely comfortable. To buy a hip hop T-shirt or a cool and comfortable oversized T-shirt for women, visit the Urban Monkey online store now!


Among the top Urban Monkey choices for oversized T-shirts for women and men is Um Vision, Skate Away, Skrr Skrr, Grow As You Go and Daily Reminder. All of the T-shirts have been crafted in a way so that they have the perfect oversized fit and look just the right amount of baggy.


If you are worried about what size you should select while buying an Urban Monkey oversized T-shirt for men or women, simply click on the size chart and select your size.


The T-shirts are made oversized based on the specific sizes. So if you select your actual size, you will receive an oversized T-shirt which will perfectly fit your body type.


All Urban Monkey oversized T-shirts for men and women are made of 100% cotton to help you remain comfortable and breezy in all seasons.


To create the perfect look, you can pair up your oversized T-shirt for women or men by Urban Monkey with a pair of UM pants like trousers, joggers, denim or shorts and create a look for every season.


To check out unisex oversized joggers by Urban Monkey, click on this link – Buy Jogger | Sweatpants For Men & Women Online – Urban Monkey


Urban Monkey is an inclusive platform that tries to create products for every person, regardless of gender or body type.


The platform has body-positive sizes, which include all body types, and all products are unisex, that is, they can be used by all. So, if you are looking for a baggy T-shirt for women or men, check out Urban Monkey today!