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What is Direct Mail Marketing

In a world where marketers are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to promote businesses, products, and services, there has been a resurgence of direct mail marketing. Direct mail marketing solutions are one the earliest forms of advertising which has been picking up popularity in recent times, when digital marketing reigns supreme.

Think about it, how often do you receive a promotional email that is annoying, and takes up unnecessary space on your account? Every time a business professional or a consumer opens their device, they are flooded with emails.

An average person is said to receive over 600 emails per week. If stats are any indication, digital mail marketing has definitely grown overcrowded in today’s world. Thus, the shift toward direct mail marketing is not only vital for a successful business, it is also the need of the hour if you want to get maximum results out of your marketing campaign. In this blog, we will try to cover the basics of what direct mail marketing services are and why they can be the next best thing for your promotional needs.


What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is any physical correspondence sent to customers in the hopes of gaining their trust and business. Direct mail is a targeted marketing strategy that involves sending promotional materials or information to a specific audience via mailing lists and using traditional mail services. Direct mail can take many forms, including eye-catching catalogs showcasing a variety of products, attention-grabbing postcards with irresistible offers, and professional letters and envelopes for confidential communications.

All your direct mailers need is something that identifies you or your company, a call to action (CTA) and a way for your customers to contact you. The rest is entirely up to you. You can be as creative—or as simple—as you want, that is the beauty of direct mail marketing.


Types of Direct Mail

When used correctly, direct mail advertising can help increase website traffic and conversions. Direct mail marketing can also increase overall brand awareness by keeping your company’s name in front of prospective customers. It can improve your overall marketing strategy if you target your audience correctly.

So, what is the best type of direct mail for your content, goals, and target audience? It all depends. A full catalog may not be necessary to introduce a fun new product to your current customer base. Perhaps a postcard is a better option. Let us now learn about each type of direct mail and determine which type will best support your direct marketing efforts:



Postcards are one of the most common types of direct mail. Postcards are an excellent way to communicate short messages, promo codes, sales, or special events. Colorful postcards can be found in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Postcard marketing services are very popular among small businesses and even those on a tight budget. It is the most efficient and economical direct mail solution that often relies on precise targeting and concise marketing messages that can generate sales and brand awareness.



Catalogs are an efficient and visually appealing form of direct mail advertising. Catalogs usually include vibrant images, accurate product/service information, and plenty of space for promotions and special offers.

Because catalogs have a high page count and size, you can share a wide range of products and services. With accurate and detailed product catalogs, you can reach out to consumers and businesses.


Letters and Envelopes

Letters and envelopes are safe and reliable when mailing sensitive or private information to clients, stakeholders, employees, or prospects. Branded envelopes and letters generate leads, increase brand awareness, and demonstrate professionalism.

The use of letters and envelopes as direct mail solutions is most prevalent in industries that rely on confidentiality to build trust, such as the healthcare and finance sectors.


Dimensional Direct Mail

Dimensional mailers are the most distinctive type of direct mail on the market. Dimensional mail is classified into two types: 3D and pop-up mail. Pop-up mail is a type of direct mail that folds open or up to reveal pop-up design elements. 3D mail can take the form of a tube, box, sphere, or other three-dimensional shape.

This is a non-traditional direct mail campaign strategy for creative marketers looking to impress their customers. Dimensional mailers can be costly, so it is often only used to cater to a highly targeted direct mail advertising list.


Why Does Direct Mail Marketing Work?

It works because, unlike digital clutter, direct mail advertising services capitalize on the positive psychology of receiving a physical gift. Direct mail marketing should be an important component of any marketing campaign because:

  • Direct Mail Leaves an Impression: Direct mail is perhaps most memorable for the human touch; a handwritten note or a thoughtfully chosen item can elicit more positive emotional responses than a standardized corporate gift.
  • Direct Mail Has Less Competition: Direct mail is also notable for its scarcity, with far fewer businesses allocating funds to tactile marketing. As a result, direct mail marketing stands out from the crowd.
  • Direct Mail Provides Numerous Opportunities for Creativity: Direct mail offers a plethora of opportunities to delight and entertain recipients. Marketers can use a Sending Platform to deliver a wide range of creatively presented items, such as handwritten cards, personalized gifts, sweets & treats, eGift cards, experience tickets, and more.


How to Create a Successful Direct Mail?

While there are numerous ways to create an eye-catching and successful send, the most effective direct mail marketing initiatives share several key characteristics. These can be broadly categorized as follows-

Targeted Audience

Before you can plan a successful direct mail campaign, you must first determine who the campaign will target and ensure that those recipients are ready and motivated to respond to your offer. This not only ensures that your campaign will achieve great results but also saves time and money by focusing on specific customers for the right reasons.

Call To Action

In order for recipients to respond to your offer, they must understand exactly what is requested and how to respond. Thus, defining a strong and clear Call to Action (CTA) can greatly improve the overall success of your campaign. It should be easy to understand, with clear directives, timelines, and expected outcomes.

A/B Testing

Sending your direct mail copies to a small group of test recipients is an efficient way to gather information about your overall send. This also allows you to assess areas of the process that could be improved. Testing is especially important in larger cities with a wider range of customers.

Your testing method should also include tracking (for example, coupon codes) that allows you to identify data points from the responses you receive. Data access can help you improve your current and future sending campaigns with little extra effort.



Direct mail print and mailing services offer a tangible and impactful method of communicating your prospects, making you stand out from the competition. Whether through postcards, catalogs, or any other form of direct mail, the personal touch and lower competition can have a very positive impact on your overall response rates.

Businesses can drive higher sales by focusing their marketing efforts on targeted audiences and including a clear call to action. As for the mailer itself, direct mail, unlike its digital counterpart, allows companies to get creative and experiment with different forms of direct mail and see what works for their intent and purposes to unlock the full potential of their promotional campaign.