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What is Ekart? Does it have its own Courier Service? If yes, How is it different from other Courier Services?

In the game of logistic and courier service industry, Ekart is the main player. It has been serving as the main backbone of many Giants in the industry.  Ekart plays its role as the logistic arm of Flipkart, which itself is India’s largest platform of E-commerce. The courier giant has been supporting the growth of online retailing and plays a vital role in it. 

In this article we will provide you all the details about its intricacies, if Ekart has its own courier service and how it stands apart from others in this competitive market.


What is Ekart: A brief review

Ekart was founded in 2009, and as stated earlier, currently working as the logistic arm of Flipkart. As Ekart has been evolving throughout the years into a more of a comprehensive logistic solution, it now not only handles the deliveries of Flipkart alone but has also extended its services for other businesses as well. 

The expansion of its services has given Ekart a significant profile in the industry of logistics and supply chain, which contributes mainly to the e-commerce growth of India.

Ekart logistics provide a great range of services, from last mile delivery, order fulfillment, and reverse logistics. Ekart has been utilizing its wide range of networks throughout the country for delivery personnel and the vehicles which provide efficient delivery in almost all of India. 

You can track any of your Ekart’s parcel through their official website or using any online tool for Ekart tracking. Through the tracking system, the customers are allowed to know the whereabouts of their parcel from the moment of its dispatching to its delivery. It provides all the details the customer needs from its current location of the parcel, the time it will take to be delivered and any delays. This Ekart tracking helps customers to have a better experience and foster their trust.


Does Ekart have its own Courier service?

Initially, Ekart was designed to handle all the deliveries of the vast array products of Flipkart. But by the time Ekart has evolved and has become a provider of comprehensive logistics solutions. As navigated by the active landscapes of e-commerce, by expanding its services it was able to accommodate the challenges of logistics that were faced by many online retailers.

The main function of Ekart has been its close relationship with the ecommerce platforms to which it provides services, serving as the logistics arm and partner of the Flipkart company.But as various traditional courier services work on their own independently, Ekart does not. Instead, Ekart functions as an extension of any ecommerce business that it collaborates with. This function of ecommerce lets it to be synchronized with the online retailer’s ordering systems, it allows Ekart to process its operations on the real-time demand, efficiently maintain their inventory, and customize its services based on the needs of ecommerce.

Now, let’s come back to the question at hand: Does Ekart have its own courier service? The answer is quite nuanced actually. In the conventional sense, it does not operate as an independent courier service, instead it works as a delivery and dedicated logistic partner for different platforms of ecommerce. Ekart does not offer its services to a broad number of clients individually, but its services are linked convolutedly to the various individual ecommerce businesses and it changes its strategies according to the needs of the online retailing sector. 


Role of Ekart in deliveries:

On a website like Flipkart, a customer puts an order, and Ekart handles the delivery. It oversees the selection of goods from the inventory, product packaging, and the effective delivery of packages to the assigned delivery sites. Ekart prioritizes last-mile delivery since it guarantees that goods are delivered safely and on time to consumers’ doorsteps. Last-mile delivery is frequently a crucial component of customer satisfaction.


How is Ekart different from other courier services?

With special characteristics that make it different from other courier services, Ekart not only becomes an important competitor but also a pioneer in the ever-changing courier services industry. Let us examine the unique attributes of Ekart, emphasizing its approach to delivering parcels in particular. It also shows how the company’s multiple strategies help it shine out from the competition in the very competitive courier market

Combining E-Commerce Platforms for Integrated Collaboration

The key to Ekart’s success is its close integration with e-commerce platforms, which sets it apart from typical courier services. Ekart effortlessly synchronizes with online retailers’ ordering systems, positioning itself as a vital part of the e-commerce ecosystem. This integration demonstrates Ekart’s dedication to fulfilling the unique requirements and complexities of online shopping by ensuring a more unified and effective delivery procedure.

Excellent Last-Mile Delivery

Although many courier services claim to be able to deliver packages the last mile, Ekart’s unique emphasis on this vital part of the shipping procedure sets them apart from the competition. The organization ensures the prompt and dependable delivery of packages by implementing sophisticated logistical techniques, including the utilization of route optimization algorithms and a committed crew. Because of its dedication to providing the best last-mile delivery experience possible, Ekart is positioned to lead the competitive e-commerce market, where the final mile frequently determines consumer satisfaction.

Tailored Solutions for E-Commerce Challenges

Ekart has been standing out by offering customized solutions that are specifically designed to navigate the various challenges imposed by the industry of e-commerce. As the traditional courier services work, they may adopt a particular approach, but unlike them Ekart is always able to make new adaptations to any differences happening in the ecommerce industry. This can be seen in monitoring shipments of high volumes in the peak periods, handling their returns with finesse, and seamlessly integrating with the intricate logistics of e-commerce.

Technology-Driven Operational Model

Technology is the main element and the backbone of the operational model of Ekart, it exemplifies by committing to its cutting-edge tools and systems. The dedication to this innovation of technology is epitomized by the Ekart tracking system, as it provides the customers with the real insight and whereabouts of their parcels. This integration with e-commerce platforms ensures a more seamless and accurate tracking experience compared to the traditional courier services.

A Focus on the Customer

Ekart surpasses expectations with its continuous focus on the satisfaction of client. Ekart sets itself apart in a field where success is frequently determined by the quality of the customer experience by providing clear tracking mechanisms through Ekart tracking, committed customer service, and an exceptional end-to-end delivery experience. This focus on the needs of the consumer fosters loyalty and trust, making Ekart a top option in the crowded courier services market.

Adaptability and innovation

Ekart is not just highly praised for its strategies for current situations, but it is also rooted for the approach of forward thinking which lets it adapt to diverse situations and challenges.

It incorporated various new technological solutions, refined the processes in operation, and has introduced practices that are eco-friendly as well. This innovation of Ekart ensures that it can always remain in the frontline of the ecommerce industry and sets new standards for adaptability in the courier services.

Strategic Emphasis on Reverse Logistics

As mentioned earlier, Ekart has a prowess of forward logistics, but it also differentiates itself from others through its special emphasis on reverse logistics. Ekart recognizes the importance of delivering products as well as returning them efficiently. As it has optimized this approach of reverse logistics, it becomes a feather in its hat to its services, which caters the needs of customers and ecommerce businesses both.



Ekart has diversified itself from just a delivering service of Flipkart to a logistic solution provider, which contributes to its immense success in the ecommerce industry of India. Although not being an independent courier service, its distinguishing features such as last-mile delivery excellence, emphasis on reverse logistics, technology driven approaches, adaptability, focus on customers, and customized solutions make it stand out in the competitive field of ecommerce. The Ekart tracking system provides customers the transparency and satisfaction they need. In future, with the expansion of the ecommerce field the role of Ekart as a strategic logistic partner is supposed to be more crucial.