October 7, 2022


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What is Invisalign And How Does it Work?

What is Invisalign, And How Does it Work?
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Invisalign is the most popular and the best alternative to metal braces. It is widely popular due to its transparent appearance. But several people aren’t aware of what it is Invisalign? And How does it work? This article will discuss Invisalign Near Me, whether it is beneficial for teeth straightening, and how much it costs. Read through this article to know more about Invisalign aligners.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a transparent plastic aligner worn over the teeth for teeth to straighten over time. Invisalign aligners are composed of special flexible, transparent plastic and a unique thermoplastic material. Studies have shown that Invisalign aligners are FDA-approved and don’t contain BPA, BPS, latex, and gluten.

Invisalign aligners are a custom-made replacement for traditional braces worn for several months, months, or even years. The best Orthodontist in Miami will offer you a new set of aligners as your teeth move into the required location. It’s a process that avoids the limitations that metal braces impose.


How Does Invisalign Work?

By releasing gentle pressure on the teeth, Invisalign works similarly to braces. Continuous pressure gradually moves teeth in the correct direction until they achieve their final aligned position. The main distinction between Invisalign and braces is that Invisalign uses aligner trays to shift teeth, whereas braces use brackets and wires.

The Invisalign aligner trays are custom-made to fit each individual’s conditions. The trays consist of flexible plastic material that accurately matches the bottom and top rows of the teeth. It is essential to wear the aligner trays for around two weeks before replacing them with the following set in the series.

Each fresh batch of trays aids in the movement of the teeth closer to their ideal position. The typical time to straighten teeth with Invisalign is nine to fifteen months. Your Invisalign dentist can assist you in determining if Invisalign is correct for you.


How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Various factors determine the cost of orthodontic treatment, such as Invisalign. We have mentioned some factors that influence Invisalign cost, including:

  • The number of aligners you need in the treatment
  • The dentist’s duration of the total amount of work on your oral health
  • The insurance cover will help in average the prices in the local city.


According to the Invisalign website, treatment costs $3,000 and $7,000. Invisalign cost between $3,000 and $5,000 on average across the country. The cost of Invisalign is determined depending on the specific oral condition of patients.


How Long Does Invisalign Take to Straighten Teeth?

The condition of your gums, jaw, heredity, or diet can determine the success rate of your orthodontic treatment. The average time to straighten your teeth using Invisalign is roughly 12 months. In some cases, a patient might need more or less time. During your periodic visits to the orthodontist, your orthodontist will discuss your improvement.


What Are The Pros and Cons of Invisalign?

As with Invisalign aligners, you can effectively remove the drawbacks of metal braces. You can say that Invisalign is the best alternative to traditional braces. It has Here are some pros and cons of Invisalign treatment, including:


Pros of Invisalign Aligners:

1.    Almost invisible:

Other teeth straightening procedures are nearly oblivious, whereas Invisalign aligners are transparent. Invisalign is comfortable to wear and does not affect your voice. Many patients prefer this over metal braces.

2.    Removable:

Invisalign treatment is removable for brushing and eating. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign doesn’t restrict any food during treatment. You don’t need to adjust your brushing habits or thread floss between each tooth under the archwire of your braces.

3.    Comfortable:

The Invisalign aligners comprise a smooth plastic made of non-irritable substances for your cheeks and lips. Compared to traditional braces, aligners reposition your tooth more gradually and less pain.

4.    Convenient:

With Invisalign, you won’t have to frequently see your dental professional or Orthodontist in Miami. A consultation every 6-8 weeks is usually sufficient during your treatment.

It does not necessitate the employment of an orthodontist because the majority of the job is done by computer software, obviating the need for a specialist.


Cons of Invisalign Aligners:

1.    Less Impactful on Severe Complications:

According to research, Invisalign is more helpful for patients whose teeth only require particular types of repositioning. For more complicated disorders, your dentist may recommend another treatment approach. Invisalign is perhaps not the best option for you if you have a severe misalignment of the jaw.

2.    Requires Compliance:

Invisalign treatment requires consistency in treatment. It is mandatory to wear your Invisalign aligners for 20 to 22 hours to get the most output during the treatment. It is crucial to understand that avoidance of wearing them can lead to unsuccessful results.

3.    Requires Removable While Eating:

It is crucial to understand that Invisalign aligners necessitate removable before eating or drinking. Food or drink can penetrate, encouraging the bacteria to thrive along the gumline and on your teeth, perhaps leading to cavities.

4.    Food Restrictions After Treatment:

After removing Invisalign aligners, the patient may experience tooth sensitivity and limitations in meal options. During treatment, it is essential to avoid hard food.



In addition, we hope you liked this article, and now you found the information mentioned above productive. If you want to know more about Invisalign Near Me, you can visit our website.