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What to Look for When Buying a Home-Flat?

Today it has become very difficult for the common man to take up space and build a house. It is more convenient for him to take a flat. For that, he has to rely on many schemes in his area. At such times the builder makes attractive photos of large buildings, swimming pools, hospitals, gardens, etc. So customers need to be very careful when they are interested in buying a home. Own home, flat happens once in a lifetime. The transaction of the flat involves the flat holder as well as other important persons. This includes the owner of the land, the promoter, the builder, and the flat owner who takes the flat in it, the person is the power of attorney holder.

It is necessary to see whether construction of this land is permitted under the Maximum Land Act. Then see if there is a reservation at this place. It is also important to look at whether the government has allowed non-agricultural use of land. The map should be brought by the flat holder himself to this office seven-twelve of this land or a new copy of the City Survey. The transcript is an important document on legal land rights. Any citizen can get the transcript of any place by filling in the appropriate size and getting a written application from the office. Who owns the land in question, how many people currently own the land, how much land do they own.

There will be different numbers of places Whether they have been consolidated, what is the actual area of ​​the land, what are the neighboring lands, what part of them is common, all this information can be obtained from this record and map. If the title of the owner who allows the builder to develop the land is not clear, he does not have the right to develop the land or construct the building. This record also provides information on whether there is a debt, burden, or mortgage on this land. If the site belongs to a Hindu family, then all the stakeholders must agree to the construction. If the family is ignorant, an order has to be brought from the court.

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The land on which the building will be constructed and the person who will allow the land to be developed, has the legal right to sell, build, develop the land, ask for it in writing and ask for a written answer. According to the law, after studying all the information and evidence of the property for the last thirty years regarding the ownership of the said land, the builder of the said building attested to the facts of the situation regarding the property. It is mandatory to have taken and attached to the contract. If the lawyer has given false information or misleading certificates, he is also liable for further action. According to the Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act and the standard bye-laws prepared by the concerned municipalities, there are several rules for the construction of a building. It is necessary to give permission and sanction to start construction while permitting by local self-governing bodies.

But in reality, many of the rules do not seem to be followed. The rules include the height of the building, the total space required in the building, whether there is space for parking, not only the number of steps to the stairs, the height of the building. This includes how far apart the power lines should be, whether the fire department has taken permission, and where the toilets and bathrooms should be. The flat holder can get the details from the local self-governing body. What are the doors in the flat, what kind, doors frames wood or iron, what kind of kitchen sink, what kind of windows, how many cupboards and what kind, fans, geysers, light connection builder Whether it is to be given, other information required in the house should be obtained from the builder in written form?

Slot / Flat for sale / Repurchased

When re-buying a flat, all the above-mentioned documents should be taken from the seller and checked by a lawyer. If the flat income is from a registered co-operative housing society, sell it from the society Objection Certificate and ‘No Payment Certificate’ of the organization It is also necessary to get a certificate of non-payment from the Income Tax Department regarding income tax from the Municipal Corporation. In the same way, by making sure that the flat is unaffected in Marathi and English newspapers Objections should be sought by giving public notice and if there is any objection, it should be settled. Then the draft agreement between the buyer and the buyer It is necessary to prepare and register the document in consultation with the appropriate lawyers as per the terms and conditions agreed upon. Otherwise, legal issues may arise.