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Why Speed is Important for Dedicated Hosting?

Your business website dealing with huge numbers of transactions every day then there are different dynamic applications involved as well. Therefore you need high-speed page rendering otherwise it can cost you by decreasing your website performance and even decreasing your business profit and revenue.

Here comes the efficiency of speed that means the fast your website loads, the fast you get conversions or profits ore revenues. The loading speed of the website also directly affects your customer engagement to your business. Search engine like Google also considers website loading speed as one of the ranking factors. 

This speed is very much dependent on the hosting server you have for your site and if your server hosting is dedicated one then it should be expected to have power speed performance. A dedicated server comes with well-designed configurations like a more powerful processor as a resource, high bandwidth, well capacity based RAM that directly affects the speed of the website.

The large set of resources like backup hard drives and processor management can anytime give your support if any issue occurs, therefore, it ensures no issues with the speed of website loading or rendering. The unlimited bandwidth feature provided by a dedicated server hosting scheme makes it faster to host any heavy business application based website.

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For any business website that has high-end dynamic applications and transactions as well and also if the business needs full customization and control over server services then the business will opt for having a dedicated server and therefore speed becomes one of the essential factors because if speed is not there in the dedicated hosting plan that means the minimum criteria for hosting plan is not there and it is not the best thing of dedicated server hosting. But it usually does not happen for the dedicated hosting plan as it comes with a fast, advanced and smart service plan that one would look for when it comes about to have a dedicated hosting plan.