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Why You Need a Dash Cam Even If You’re a Safe Driver

Even the most careful drivers can benefit from having a dash cam in their vehicle. While dash cams are most commonly associated with documenting accidents, they can be useful in many other driving situations as well. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top reasons why installing a dash cam is a smart idea for all drivers, not just reckless ones.  


Provide Objective Evidence in Accident Claims

While hopefully you’ll never need the footage for this purpose, having video evidence of a collision can be invaluable if you do get into an accident. A surfsight dash cam provides an objective record of what transpired before, during, and after the incident. This can help protect you from fraudulent claims and make sure you don’t end up paying for damage that was not your fault.


Dispute Traffic Violations

Similarly, dash cam footage may help get you off the hook if you are wrongly given a traffic citation. As most drivers have experienced, officers do not always make the right call. With concrete evidence from your dash cam, you stand a better chance of successfully disputing unjust tickets.  


Monitor Teen Drivers

Parents of teen drivers know it can be hard to enforce safe driving habits, even for the most well-intentioned adolescents. A dash cam allows you to keep an eye on exactly how your young driver is behaving on the road without riding along. Checking the footage together is also an opportunity for coaching safer habits. Consider setting rules for clearing footage to respect your teen’s privacy as well.


Capture Interesting Moments

Driving around town, you’re bound to see some amusing, alarming, or downright bizarre events unfold around you. Having it all captured on video makes for great entertainment when playing back dash cam compilations for family and friends. You may even submit truly unbelievable sights to shows that highlight interesting footage. Reddit has an entire subreddit dedicated to sharing surprising dash cam footage!


Protect Your Vehicle When Parked

Another useful feature many dash cams offer is a Parking Mode that continues recording video even when your car is turned off. This gives you evidence if someone dings your vehicle in a parking lot and drives away without leaving a note. Parking Mode dash cams use power-saving technology so they don’t drain your battery when operating this way.


Affordable Upfront Cost

With most dash cam models priced between $50 to $150, they offer plenty of value for a relatively minor upfront investment. When you factor in all the ways a dash cam can protect you on the road, provide home entertainment, and even potentially get you discounts on car insurance premiums, it’s a no-brainer add-on to consider.


Simple DIY Installation

Installing a dash cam shouldn’t intimidate anyone who knows their way around some basic tools and wires. Most dash cams come with either adhesive mounts or suction cups making placement easy on your windshield. Power cords can be neatly tucked away along trim panels. While professional installation is an option too, DIY is simple enough for many vehicle tracking system.

While being a safe and attentive driver should prevent most accidents and traffic violations, even the best motorists get caught in bad situations sometimes. Having dash cam footage gives you an advantage if you do wind up needing to dispute a claim, ticket, or other driving-related headache down the road. Plus, dash cams can capture amazing sights, monitor new drivers, and keep watch over your unattended vehicle. So, go ahead and get one – even if you’ve never caused an accident before!