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Winter Hoodie: 10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying

Winter Hoodie: 10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying

As the winter months approach, hoodies become the most loved winter garment in town. They are not just comfortable and cosy but also fashionable. Hoodies can also be styled in a hundred different ways to create new and stylish looks.

Urban Monkey has an exclusive winter collection of hoodies that are casual and chic and will up your fashion game in no time. However, there are certain things that you have to factor in before buying a winter hoodie.

To find out the 10 things that you must know before buying a winter hoodie are as follows:


1. Taste:

Buying a hoodie involves spending money therefore it is crucial to know all your options before selecting one. Apart from hoodies, there are quite a lot of different types of winter clothing like Jackets, sweaters and coats that one can choose from. These are all fashionable and can be used to create amazingly chic winter looks.

2. Types of Hoodies:

There are various kinds of hoodies that one can choose from depending on individual taste and preference. Broadly, the three types of hoodies that one can choose from are Full-Zip, Quater-Zip, Pullover, Athleisure, Slim-fit, and unisex. To buy unisex hip hop hoodies For men and women, visit the UM website today.

3. Style:

Hoodies can be styled in a lot of different ways. But primarily it is very crucial to select a particular style before you buy Hoodie For men and women. Hoodies can be styled as casual wear, sportswear and Style wear. Thankfully, for all fashionistas out there, Urban Monkey hoodies have a funky, casual and relaxed fit making them perfect for all three. To buy a Stylish hoodie For men and women, visit the UM website and find a hoodie that matches your vibe.

4. Material:

Hoodies add a certain chic element to the entire outfit but it is crucial to find the material of hoodie to buy hoodie for men and women. Hoodies made of fleece or cotton and fleece blend are perfect for winter months. One of the best choices based on quality is Urban Monkey hoodies as they are soft, comfortable and made of 50% cotton and 50% poly cross-knit fleece.

5 Weight:

As winter hoodies are made of a thick material like fleece, it often makes Hoodies quite heavy to wear. However, there are also cotton-fleece blend hoodies that are light weighted, durable and will also keep you warm. For instance, the UM collection of stylish hoodie for men and women is lightweight, soft and breathable.

6 Oversized or Close Fit:

This is a crucial factor to assess before deciding on a hoodie. Close-fit hoodies are better suited for semi-formal events while oversized ones are suited for more casual and chic ones. If one goes by the current fashion trends then an oversized hoodie for men and women would be a go-getter as the baggier it is, the better. Visit the Urban Monkey hoodie collection to find a variety of hoodies and select a superb quality oversized hoodie for women and men.

7. Size:

Everybody has different preferences when it comes to selecting the size of a hoodie. You can go up or down the size chart based on what will make you most comfortable. The UM hoodie collection has a relaxed fit and comes in sizes ranging from S to 3XL.

8. Colour and Designs:

Before buying a hoodie it is important to understand what colour and designs you want. Hoodies are paired with different outfits to create a complete look. So, the colour of your hoodie should be such that it goes perfectly with most of the colour tones of your outfits. The Urban Monkey hoodie collection has variedly coloured and unique designs. To buy a Stylish hoodie for men and women, visit the UM store and buy now.

9. Pockets:

Pockets come in handy in every outfit and if there are pockets on a hoodie it should be counted as an added perk. If pockets are a must for you, make it a point to see if there are pockets on the hoodie you are planning to buy. If you are struggling to find a hoodie with pockets, visit the UM store and find an exclusive hoodie collection with pockets.

10. Sleeve Length:

The Sleeve length in hoodies is usually of two types. Hoodies are usually sleeveless or full-sleeved. Before you buy a hoodie make sure you know what you want. While Sleeveless hoodies look great over full-sleeved T-shirts, full-sleeve hoodies make a different fashion statement altogether.