Sun. Jul 25th, 2021

Your Guide to Gifts for a Second Time Mum

Your Guide to Gifts for a Second Time Mum
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Shopping for gifts for a second time Mum is a little bit different than shopping for a brand new Mama-to-be. If your lovely pregnant relative or friend has already been down the parenting path, they most likely own everything they could ever need to take care of baby.. and many things they don’t strictly need, too!

For this reason, when you’re trying to think of suitable gifts for a second time Mum, it can be difficult. As the owner of a children and baby brand agency, Knee High Agencies, I’m in a unique position to see every new baby product which pops onto the market, so I’m well placed to share some advice on this subject.

What you need to look out for are concepts and products which are literally brand new, to ensure your friend couldn’t possibly have purchased it during their previous pregnancy. Think about products which are more delicate and less likely to last the distance, so they can’t really be handed down easily from an older sibling. Finally, brainstorm those items which are just downright unhygienic or unsafe to hand down, as these will need replacing for Baby #2.

Having shopped for many a second-time-round mama myself, I’ve found there are certain gifts which are very well received to help in the care of a growing family. I have drawn on the inspiring and high-quality brands I represent to create a gift shopping guide featuring timeless must-haves as well as fresh new trends to help you out. I’m confident you’ll find the perfect gift idea right here…

Products to Replace

Just as with adult clothing, some baby clothing items are just too delicate to make it past one owner. Bibs and singlets (or vests) need to be washed and bleached so often they rarely last past one child, while leggings, tracksuit pants or rompers (AKA onesies or BabyGro’s) for children aged 6-12 months are usually worn through in the knees from all that crawling.

Look out for locally designed and made baby brands which produce high quality, lovely baby collections containing these essential items. New bibs and undergarments – singlets, tights, socks, nappy covers – which are timeless and sweet are always well received. Pants, leggings and suits in fresh new season colours and prints in sizes 00-1 will cover the crawling months for your friends new little love.

Essential Footwear

Did you ever think about how our shoes become shaped to our feet over time? The exact same thing happens with toddler footwear. From the moment our little cuties take to their feet and start moving, toddler shoes are becoming moulded to their owner’s foot. When you also take into account the usual wear and tear (especially to soles and fasteners), this essentially means even moderately worn shoes shouldn’t be passed on to little siblings.

In short, new footwear should always be purchased for each child where the family budget allows.

We recommend looking for quality, podiatrist approved footwear like Bobux and Pretty Brave when gift shopping, or shopping for your own children. A larger size which can be put away until baby is a little older makes a kind and thoughtful present for new parents.

Brand New Innovations

If your pregnant friend or relative had their last baby several few years ago, these products will be especially cherished as a gift. They are the latest and greatest products to make parents’ lives easier, true innovations in baby care.

Roger Armstrong is an Aussie distributor of baby goods with a fabulous range of innovative, smart nursery furniture and gadgets. Many of the clever products they stock weren’t available (or common) even 5 years ago. These include the side-sleeper cot, the high tech baby monitors with crystal clear video display, and the electronic ‘shusher’ which helps little ones to sleep.

Innovations have also occurred in prams and baby carriers, if you are looking to spend a higher amount perhaps for a sister or daughter’s baby shower. These fresh takes on traditional items make caring for more than one child at once less backbreaking and more relaxed. As such, any of these new items would make great gifts for parents with a bit of an age gap between their kids.

I hope these ideas help you to choose a thoughtful and well-received gift for your special mama-to-be who already has a child or children at home. It sometimes appears that later pregnancies are celebrated less than the first-time round, but I believe each is equally as important and a great chance to spoil a much loved friend or relative as they bring new life into the world.