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Top 10 Best Paying Software Engineering Jobs in India

Here, we will discuss the ten best-paying software engineering jobs in India that can pay you worth your skills and knowledge. With the advent of high-end latest technologies such as AI/ML, AR/VR, Big Data, and more, job opportunities are fueling in from all directions. So, wondering which are the best paying software engineering jobs or software development fields to explore? Let’s kick start the journey.

1. Software Architect

A Software Architect is responsible for the design, testing, and overall management of the software solutions for various systems. These techies have skills to code, design, and configure anyconfigure, any or all software-related issues. Software Architects also have excellent communication skills to keep the bridge between developers and clients. This role has a tremendous scope of authority, autonomy, decision-making power.

Average salary of Software Architect: INR 2,199,698/year


2. Cloud Solutions Architect

A Cloud Solutions Architect takes complete ownership of the development, designing, and implementation of cloud policies and handles the technical engagement with cloud providers. Moreover, the job responsibilities of a Cloud Solutions Architect also include application migration to the CaaS platform, selection of the cloud service provider, maintenance of applications, platforms, etc. Cloud Solutions Architects also must have a brief knowledge of programming languages such as Elixir, Ruby, Python, etc.

Average salary of Cloud Solutions Architect: INR 1,796,392/year


3. Product Manager

Any product’s design, development, and delivery are all influenced by the product manager. He is in charge of ensuring that a product is designed following customer demands and tackles the end customers’ pain points.

Average salary of Big Data Engineer: INR 12,27,417/year


4. Software Engineer

A software engineer is a technical expert that develops apps and software programs that can operate on a variety of platforms and operating systems. They are not coding specialists; rather, they are professionals who work on the operations and development of applications and programs by giving analytical, strategic solutions and controlling faults in accordance with the organization’s/needs. Business. Because of the wide expertise and comprehensive knowledge, this job profile is in high demand among many large IT companies.

Average salary of Software Engineer: INR 1,191,752/year


5. Artificial Intelligence Engineer 

In simple terms, artificial intelligence is the process of imbuing robots with human-like intellect so that they may participate in decision-making. This is accomplished by programming devices/machines so that they may learn and improve the code on their own. Python, Torch, TensorFlow, and neural networks, among other technologies, are used by AI developers to code AI reasoning and machine learning algorithms into computers. As an AI engineer, you will be a member of the team that designs, develops, codes, and delivers AI products for your company.

Average salary of Artificial Intelligence Engineer: INR 750,000/year


6. Data Scientist

Data Scientist is a professional title that needs knowledge of scientific Big Data analysis and interpretation. Big Data is a vast collection of information or data that cannot be processed using typical data processing techniques. This is where the Data Scientist comes in. A professional specialist focuses on gathering, cleaning, analyzing, and interpreting complicated data, and has a fundamental understanding of the newest innovations such as data structures, algorithms, machine learning, and programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, and others.

Average salary of Data Scientist: INR 824,241/year


7. DevOps Engineer 

A DevOps Engineer is an IT professional who is responsible for both the development and operation of an application. This job profile is part of the software application development and deployment life cycle. DevOps has a basic understanding of DevOps technologies and processes such as continuous integration, monitoring, logging, communication and collaboration, infrastructure as code, and continuous delivery, among others. Employers like this job profile because it bridges the gap between the segregated development and operations divisions.

Average salary of DevOps Engineer: INR 6,98,308/year


8. Cyber Security Specialist

Individuals and businesses alike require data security. As a result, every company employs a specialized team of experts to oversee cybersecurity. In these epidemic times, when most individuals work from home, this job has become even more important. A Cyber Security Specialist would make certain that all servers, systems, and linked devices have the most recent antivirus and firewall updates. They also safeguard firm data from unwanted cyber assaults. They work hard to keep the system safe from any data breaches.

Average salary of Cyber Security Specialist: INR 5,77,292/year


Final Thoughts

For the right candidate with the relevant skills, pay is never an issue in the IT and software development industry. In India, the job profiles listed above are the most looked for and well-paid ones. People expected a substantial drop in job needs when new technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Cloud, and others were launched. On the contrary, these technologies triggered the creation of new work prospects, which increased the need for new employees. Jobs created as a result of these technologies did not merely appear; they topped the list of India’s highest-paying jobs.