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12 Remarkable Truths That Shows Why Goa Is Dream Destination

12 Remarkable Truths That Shows Why Goa Is Dream Destination

Do you ever wonder what resonates most with Goa? The vast golden beaches with colourful shorelines or the lovely party ambience that fills the air with thrill. Or the deep turquoise waters with the wind that blows away all your worries? Right? Wrong! Because Goa encapsulates everything that will make you swoon from the number of choices at your disposal. Nevertheless, if you’ve been looking for a unique vacation spot, Goa is a perfect destination. The location will not disappoint you in any way, whether you are with your spouse, friends, or family.

Here are the 12 remarkable reasons that support the above premise:

1. Candlelight Date nights and Romantic Stroll

Nothing beats long beach walks followed by a surprise candlelight supper for a romantic evening. Couples frequently seek out calm and breathtaking locations to enjoy and make memories together, so romantic walks by the beachfront are ideal. Since Goa is an ideal honeymoon destination for the twosome to spend quality time together, don’t think twice about booking your tickets to this enchanting place if you’re a newlywed couple looking to enjoy some alone time.


2. Sunburn Festivities

Each year in December, Sunburn, the top electronic musical brand, holds a three-day musical event in Goa. It’s a celebration that combines entertainment, commerce, cuisine, and a riot of dance moves. This fest is a tremendous draw for the youth, who indulge themselves to the fullest. It is now one of the biggest reasons why tourists flock to Goa annually.


3. Get Tattooed

Goa is quite well-known for having several top tattoo artists of all time. So there’s no reason not to join in the frolics of hippy land and acquire some of its qualities, such as tattoos. Furthermore, a holiday in Goa is an incredible chance to amaze your folks by being tattooed and bringing back a once-in-a-lifetime memento.


4. Open-air Night Clubs

In Goa, open-air nightclubs are by far the most prominent gathering places for partygoers. There are various additional cabarets where one may really appreciate Goa’s great nightlife atmosphere. Make no mistake, Tito’s Café Mambo is where all the party lovers can be spotted. In fact, this establishment has been awarded as the “Best Night Club in Goa”. It is no wonder that it is considered among the most popular spots for a fun-filled evening.


5. Goan Water Sports

Water scooter rides, scuba diving, banana boat excursions, and water skiing are just a few of the water adventure activities that offer a sense of liberation. And when it comes to water sports, Goa is nothing short of a utopia. All of these water sports will provide you with an exhilarating time that will last a lifetime in your memory.


6. Goa Carnival

The Portuguese brought the Goa Carnival, which is a particularly distinctive and flamboyant event. Hosted here only for four days in February, this carnival has all the glitz, glamour, joy, and razzmatazz. So, if you want to witness this fanfare and are planning to travel in February, be assured that your trip is going to be unforgettable. Come and take part in Goa’s largest fest, which celebrates the state’s rich culture and customs.

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7. All-Terrain Bike Ride

Another reason for adventure lovers to visit this Goa is the All-Terrain Bike Ride or ATV Ride, which often stands for an all-terrain vehicle ride. This activity, which is upbeat and intense, is a fresh experience for anyone exploring Goa for the very first time. It would definitely up the ante to a different notch altogether.


8. Getting Drenched in the Mesmerising Monsoon

If you’re visiting Goa during the monsoon, don’t miss out on the opportunity to dance in the rain along the beautiful coastline. Its monsoon charm is not to be missed since it provides a wealth of best memories. The magnificent environment of this location springs to life during the monsoon rains, with a breath-taking view of scenic beauty. The combination of a nice wind and raindrops pouring is enough to make one feel as if they are in nirvana.


9. Seafood that is Scrumptious

The native cuisine in Goa will tantalize your sense of taste and make you want more. Goan cuisine is based on majestic marine ingredients, as well as native gourmet secrets. Fish Recheado, Prawn Balchao, Goan Fish Curry, and other such delicacies are served with an awesome selection of beverages. Goa’s food has the ability to instantly improve your mood.


10. Exploring Goa on a Bike Ride

This is another great alternative that can help you explore this beautiful haven in the best possible manner whether you are a lone traveller or with your buddies. It is the smartest activity that you can do in Goa is rent a bike and go for an enthuse. Make sure you’re not being duped by the owners and are charged excessively when you rent a bike. This excursion will provide you with a combination of excitement & intriguing sightseeing.


11. Sunset Watching & Sunbathing

The sight of a golden sunset is a real feast for the eyes, particularly if you’re with your special someone. This grandeur of the sunset will undoubtedly soothe your spirit and heart. And there are several beaches in Goa where one may enjoy sunbathing. Goa is the place to go if you’re a hopeless romantic or simply a passionate loner who enjoys panoramic splendours.


12. Gaming on a Cruise Casino

Cruising in Goa is a fantastic thing to invest your free time. It draws travellers from all over the world who want to have a nice voyage with a variety of engaging events. One of the most unique cruising experiences is on the famous casino cruises in Goa called Deltin Royale. You can enjoy the gaming experience at very affordable prices and learn how to play a teen Patti game apart from other interesting varieties.



At the end of it all, Goa is a location brimming with scenic grandeur and a plethora of attractions. There’s also the food, local beverages, and a wide range of activities to select from. It is without a doubt India’s most popular holiday destination for adults and children of all ages.