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4 Organic Digital Marketing Strategies to Improve Website Traffic

Online presence has been extremely important for any brand who wants to build a brand value, exposure, reach, and get quality leads that are ultimately converted to sales. Today, digital marketing is the driving force for the success of any brand. Social media platforms can ease your task and with paid marketing, it’s indeed possible to get more conversions with minimum efforts. But, building your brand organically is a different concept. It needs in-depth knowledge, consistency, creativity, and most importantly patience.

But which platform can help you maximise your brand reputation organically? The answer is all of them. As you want to reach as many people as possible, it’s better to build your online presence on all the online marketing platforms. Before understanding how to use effective platforms for maximum impact, let’s understand the basics – what is digital marketing.


What Is Digital Marketing?

All forms of marketing that are carried out via electronic devices and the internet is known as digital marketing. It includes email, content, search engines, social media, and many more.

The main goal of digital marketing is to reach and connect potential customers, bring them to your website to gain purchases. Attracting a large number of potential customers and nurturing them with necessary information about your brand through content and videos is an extensive process. But this can be done free of cost through organic digital marketing.

In this blog, we have discussed a few effective digital marketing channels and their important aspects to help you gain maximum results without spending a single penny.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an important aspect of organic digital marketing. As any business or brand requires a website first, it is also necessary that it is search engine optimised. This will help to improve its online presence on search engines like Google. You can also hire SEO experts to improve organic traffic and leads or sales. “Organic search brings about 95% of all web traffic”

SEO consists of three major components:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO

SEO is important to optimize your website and its content. Keywords play a major role and hence you must conduct a proper keyword research based on user initiated searches to drive more potential customers.


Important Aspects Of Keyword Research

As per IMPACT, 50% of the searches are four words or more.

  • Find the highest volume keyword. These keywords are searched maximum but have less competition. This means fewer people are trying to rank for those keywords.
  • Long-tail keywords that include location are great. The search volume is low and has higher engagement and conversion chances.
  • If your website has lower domain authority, regular SEO content and backlinks can improve it. 


Important Aspects Of Optimizing Your Content

  • Add keywords in your web copy, headings, and subheadings.
  • Also add alt text to all your images.
  • Certain tools like Yoast SEO’s Plugin will help you optimize your content effectively.


Content Marketing

‘Content is the King’. 51% of content consumption is through organic searchHigh quality content can drive brand awareness, accelerate traffic, generate leads, and reach out to more potential customers. Content marketing uses various forms and channels to increase brand awareness such as guest posts, blog posts, webinars, eBooks, podcasts, etc.


Important Aspects Of Content Marketing

  • Build A Strategy
    It’s important to have a clear vision of what type of content you are building for what type of audience. You first need to decide objectives and then build a powerful strategy.
  • Keyword Optimize Your Content
    Keyword research is vital for content marketing strategy. It helps to boost your SEO and rankings on search engines. You can start by making a list of relevant low and high ranking keywords. Also conduct competitor analysis to know what keywords your competitors are ranking for.
  • Offer Quality & Value
    Offering high-quality content is vital too. Hence, write for the target audience to deliver valuable information that’s actually useful for your users.
  • Use The Right Tools
    Many tools and extensions are available in the market that can help you better select and utilise the keywords. 


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has completely changed the way online marketing is carried out, making it easy, fast, and free. It’s a bit difficult and challenging but still the best way to connect with your audience and engage them with your brand while constantly driving traffic and conversion goals.


Important Aspects Of Social Media Marketing

  • Consistency
    It’s important to ensure you’re regularly posting with a stable frequency. Also, keep in mind that different posting strategies work on different platforms, hence you need to strategize accordingly.
  • Diverse Content
    Instead of sticking to one form or format, post diverse content. Use images, gifs, reposts, videos, CTAs, and everything else that works for your brand.
  • Analytics
    Analytics are vital as they help guide your future strategies showing which post is popular and what’s not working for your brand. Monitor progress and modify strategies through analytics.
  • Interact and Build Relationships
    Stay relevant and interact with your audience regularly. Build trust and powerful relationships by interacting with your audience through direct Q/A or answering their queries in the comment section.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is not a very popular form of organic digital marketing. But, it is still sufficient to some extent as it helps in driving conversions.


Important Aspects Of Email Marketing

  • Add Subscribe Option To Your Newsletter

It is for the users who forward your useful email to their fellows. Add a clearly visible CTA that allows them to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • Add Incentives
    It’s an amazing way to attract the users and catch their interest. But, ensure that you aren’t overwhelming your customers through product promotions only.
  • Personalize Your Email

Marketing automation is a good option to manage bulk emails. But, if it lacks personalization and ‘human interaction’, it’ll lose its credibility. Simply add a personal touch to the emails to make sure your audience aren’t just interacting with robots.


Summing Up

Organic digital marketing has become increasingly popular for various small and large business enterprises as it helps to build your online presence free-of-cost. With result-driven and practical strategies, you are bound to get desired results.