June 29, 2022

5 Qualities of Good Languages Tutor

5 Qualities of Good Languages Tutor
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Before elaborating on the qualities of a good languages tutor, let us talk about selecting the best language tutor. Whether an online language tutor or an offline one, we see several complaints from people. They argue that their tutor did not help them learn the new language correctly or lacked the skills expected in a good language tutor. Thus, selecting the suitable languages tutor is the first step.

Selecting the Right Languages Tutor

We are assuming that you have already selected the language you wish to learn. We recommend that you learn Chinese, French, Arabic, German, French, Urdu, or Pashto. These languages are quite popular nowadays. Here’s how you can select the right tutor:

Conduct Ample Search

Put on your investigative hat and start the research process. Search ‘language tutor’ on Google, Facebook, or any other medium. You will come up with several leads. Read their reviews. Other than this, there are several language forums—post on them for recommendations. You may ask for recommendations on tutors that you have shortlisted. We guarantee that it will help you narrow down your search.


Once you have shortlisted several tutors, it is time to check their credentials. They might have listed them on their profiles. If not, you can ask them for their credentials. Go through everything they send your way. Look at their experience and whether they are a native speaker.

Check their Personality

Not everyone can become a language tutor or any other tutor, for that matter. Teaching is a profession that requires energy and passion that is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, we recommend that you set up a meeting with them. The purpose of the meeting is to help you assess the tutor’s personality, teaching style, and compatibility.

Select the Languages Tutor That Fits Your Requirements

Do you want to read Chinese or Pashto, speak, or write? All three are different from one another. If your sole concern is speaking and reading, you will need to find a tutor accordingly. If you select a tutor that specializes in writing alone, you will end up dissatisfied. Thus, always keep your requirements in mind when choosing a tutor.

Now, let us come back to our original topic.

Qualities of a Good Languages Tutor

A good online language tutor has the following qualities:


The first thing that any teacher needs to have is competence. They must be competent in teaching their subject, which in this case is a language. A good language tutor will know the language well. Otherwise, they are just a scammer. Kindly ask for certifications and other documents that can help you verify the tutor’s credentials.


Another quality that language tutors must have is patience. What is patience? Teaching the same thing repeatedly to a person who does not understand the concept. When learning a new language, students will make mistakes. They might make the same mistake constantly or ask questions that might seem illogical. A good language tutor will answer all questions with patience and keep answering until the student is satisfied.

Personalized Learning Material

Other than competence and patience, a good teacher will offer personalized learning material. A good teacher will tailor the learning material to suit the requirements of each student. For example, if a student prefers a visual mode of learning, the tutor will develop materials accordingly.

Energetic Personality

If the tutor does not have an energetic personality, you might find it challenging to connect with them. In other words, the tutor might not motivate you to learn the language causing you to lose interest in the language.

Good Sense of Humour

The last quality that every language tutor and person must possess is a good sense of humour. Without it, the learning process can become tiresome. If your tutor likes to joke around and sees the funny side in every situation, we recommend that you select them right away. A good sense of humour is hard to come by these days.

Wrap Up

This concludes the article. One point that we would like to highlight is that you should select a tutor that understands your culture and language. It can improve the learning process greatly. If you have any questions in mind, feel free to share them with us. Thank You.

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