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5 Simple Steps to Create a Stunning Logo – Design a Logo

Creating a logo for your brand involves various decisions like choosing colors, design elements, layouts, fonts, symbols, etc. Along with these, the message of your company, brand identity, and brand vibe should be portrayed positively through the logo. It might sound a little difficult to make possible. But, don’t worry, we are here with a guide to Design a logo- 5 simple steps to create a professional logo– 

1. Research

Research is an important step in any significant task. To create a professional logo that lasts long, stands out, and is timeless, you need to get a solid foundation. For that, research is an important step. 


Who is my Target Market? 

To figure out your customer base and target market, you will need a better understanding and a logo vision. Figure out what type of things your target audience is interested in, the places they hang out, likes and dislikes, etc.

If you already have some customers, feel free to take time and research them. Contact them and have a chat, talk about their lifestyle, buying decisions, the insights on your products or services. This will help you provide better services and products to your customers. 


Research your competition 

Next, research your competition and get loads of amazing design ideas for your business. However, keep in mind that you do not copy your competitors’ logo design. It might not harm an established company but can be harmful to yours. 

Take time and figure out what type of logos are already working in your industry. Also, once you research their logos, you will create something that will be unique, different, and stand out in the competition.


What explains your brand?

The next step of creating a logo is to make a list of words or adjectives that explain your brand. These words will include values, benefits, and specific features of the business. For instance, words to describe your brand might be innovative, friendly, easy-to-use, or classy, sophisticated, and powerful. 


2. Explore About Logos

To create a successful logo that serves various purposes, you need to understand what makes a good logo. Also, a deep understanding of all main logo components is necessary to create a professional logo that stands out from the competition. 


Components of a good logo 

There are a few elements that can turn a logo to be good or bad. The best logos known are usually memorable, easy to recognize, timeless, simple, unique, responsive, versatile, appropriate for the industry, and the target market of the company. The logo must clearly represent the brand, values, and mission of the brand. 

On the other hand, bad logos are complicated, generic, hard to remember, too detailed, too many colors, trend focussed, and confusing. Also, they represent the brand poorly with little brand recognition and versatility. 

Also, a good logo will direct viewers to the main part of the logo and then take it to the rest of the content with visual cues like fonts, colors, size, graphics, etc. 


Three main logotypes

There are three main types of logos which are mentioned below- 

  1. Wordmark Logo- This is the most classical form of logos present. They usually contain your business name with no symbols or monograms. These go great with short, distinctive business names. 
  2. Monogram Logo- These logos contain one to three-letter, usually the initials. The monogram acts as a symbol in the logo. For instance, LV for Louis Vuitton, and VW for Volkswagen. 
  3. Combination Logo- Such logos are a combination of a wordmark logo and a symbol. They make the brand easily recognizable with two design elements.

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3. Pick Colors, Fonts, and Symbols

Now, you need to put some time into selecting the design elements. For this, keep in mind your target audience, the mission of your brand, brand vibe, identity, and the message of your company. 



Choosing colors is not as simple a task as you think. You need to put some thought into selecting the perfect colors for your brand. Also, do not pick more 3 colors as it can generate complexity in the logo. If you are hiring a professional, you can ask them t suggest otherwise, keep the number simple. 

Colors are known to evoke certain feelings and emotions. So, you need to use colors cleverly to trigger particular emotions in your target audience. 

For instance, Red is a symbol of passion, confidence, and ambition. It is great to stimulate appetite and energy. Next, pink is feminine and nurturing. It is used to generate associations with love and femininity. 

In addition to this, black symbolizes power and sophistication while Blue is for professionalism and success, it goes great for corporate logos. 



Same as colors, fonts also need to be picked carefully, and keep in mind what kind of vibe the fonts represent. 

  1. Serif fonts- They are timeless, high-end, classic, and are associated with tradition. 
  2. Sans-Serif fonts- Such fonts are more clean and modern. They are easy to understand over various platforms. 
  3. Script fonts- Handwritten and script fonts add personality and individuality to the logo. These tend to be formal, elegant, and feminine. 



Symbols are another design element that help people recognize your brand. Symbols are pictorial and literal or geometric and abstract. Symbols gain attraction faster than words or colors. Also, human minds remember pictures better than words. To choose a symbol for your brand, you should focus on what you do. Which symbol will represent your brand perfectly and what it does.


4. Create a Logo 

Now that you are done with all the design elements and components of the professional logo, it is time to put all of the pieces together. To do so, you have 3 options which are mentioned below- 


Hire a professional 

This is a great option if you have time to find a designer and money to pay. Hiring a designer is a costly option and most of the time not an appropriate one for small businesses or startups. However, letting an expert work on the most important branding material of your company can be worth it. 


Buy a logo template and customize it

Another option is to purchase a logo template. There are various platforms that offer free or paid logo templates. These can be customized by making some edits related to the company like colors, fonts, names, etc. 


Use an online logo generator

Next, if you want a unique custom logo for your company without spending much money, you can create one on a logo generator. These tools help in creating your own designs without any templates. You can create innovative, smart designs without being generic with templates.  


5. Test and Finalize

Is the logo scalable? 

A scalable logo is a necessity for every business that uses a logo. Your logo will be displayed on various platforms. To make sure, the logo design looks equally appreciable on all of them, get a scalable logo design. Whether it is a billboard, or a pen, the logo design of your company must serve the purpose of portraying your brand successfully. 


Does it look good in black or white?

See if your logo looks great in all black or white on a transparent background. It gives you the power to place logos in the coloured backgrounds in various images or videos.